Thursday, April 05, 2007

And who, may I ask, are you? ... with an UPDATE: I'm dreaming of a white Easter

Andrew and I were going through our mail yesterday and found an odd sort-of looking letter. It looked like it would be some type of card. The back was stamped with "Holly & Jim." Hmm...

We open it up. Looks like... A wedding invitation? For Holly P____ and Jim L____. Who? We have NO CLUE who they are. Isn't that awful? But they obviously know us; it was addressed to Andrew, Becky, & Erica. Hmm...

Whenever I get a wedding invitation, I feel obliged to go. But, is it right to go to some one's wedding if i don't know them? I'm almost wanting to go, just to see who it is!

This is so very, very odd.

[I have a feeling its someone that Andrew (distantly) knows. His sister was probably invited and so they felt obliged to invite us too; I don't know. Andrew has the feeling that its someone I knew in college. But I only knew 1 Holly, and I'm pretty sure her last name was not P___.]

[2:00 pm]

I went out with Erica this morning/afternoon. It's been so cold, but she misses running around and playing. Also, I've been going through retail therapy withdrawal. So i decided to kill two birds with one stone and go to the mall. I didnt buy anything; it was just fun to look around. We didnt even buy lunch; i packed sandwhiches. [Is that lame?] And Erica got to run around in the play area.

We finally headed home around 1:30. While driving, I noticed that the sky looked overcast, like it may rain. Hmmm. After a little bit, I noticed some white stuff floating around in the air. I hoped and hoped that it was just chicken feathers from a chicken truck. [Yes, i've experienced that before, though it is quite smelly.] But it did not take long for me to realize the worst--


I'm none too happy. I guess its good that i took erica to an easter egg hunt last saturday, seeing as she probably won't get the chance again; its supposed to stay really cold thru the weekend.


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Could always be a distant cousin that you've forgotten about?

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Supposedly it snowed here in S. Jersey this morning, but was all gone by the time I woke up.

Toni said...

Did you check with your mom or sister to see if they were invited?? Weird!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Happy Easter!

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

wow..snow in april..Happy Easter

Becky L said...

silverneurotic- you got snow too? crazy

toni- we figured out who it was. Someone that's friends w/ andrew's parents.

becky, mom...- Happy easter to you too!