Wednesday, March 28, 2007

With this ring, I thee wed

Oh no oh no oh no oh no!! Andrew! Andrew! ANDREW! Come here, come here! Oh no! no no no no no!!

My Hubby was fantastic last night. I was very stressed, so he took Erica out for a walk and to go play. I had fantastic me-time. I first got into our Jacuzzi tub; very relaxing. Then padded downstairs to make some decaf coffee. Then I sat myself in front of the TV to watch a chick-flick.

During the movie, Andrew and Erica came home. He took her to "help" him w/ the dishes.

As I continued my movie, a scene came up that showed the lady's wedding ring. I felt reminiscent, so I touched my own ring.

[back to the begining] Oh no oh no oh no oh no!! Andrew! Andrew! ANDREW! Come here, come here! Oh no! no no no no no!!

My ring was a little too rough. When I looked down, the DIAMOND WAS MISSING on my engagement ring. I obviously started freaking out. I'd heard of things like this, but never thought it could happen to me.

I ran upstairs to the tub. I had no hope that it would still be there; as it was draining, I had washed it down w/ cups of water. [I hate when the bubbles stick to the empty tub.] I looked in, desperately, praying over and over: let it be here, let it be here.

I couldnt believe it. I saw a little white solid 'thing' close to the drain. Trying not to get my hopes up, I thought: its probably just a leftover bubble.

Can you believe it? It was my diamond!!! Its a miracle, really it is. I had swooshed everything else down the drain. The diamond should have gone down too. But it didnt.

[courtesy of Handel's Messiah]


Becky L said...

BTW: As far as I can recall, I did't hit my hand on anything. Nothing happened that should have damaged the prongs. Especially since its platinum, not white gold. Platinum is supposed to be super-strong.

Clairissa said...

You always have the wackiest stories. And I thought "I" was wacky. That's why I keep you around; you make me feel normal. hahahahahahahahaha j/k I love ya!

"Courtesy of Handel's Messiah" - did you put that in again just for me? You KNOW how it makes me giggle!!

Toni said...

Jacuzzi??? Aren't you spoiled!

Good to know you didn't clean that tub as well as you thought, eh?? Glad you found it!

Abigail S said...

PTL you found it!!!

Becky L said...

clairissa- glad you find my story funny and wacky. I, however, dont find it wacky at all. I still get weepy when i think of it

toni- i guess you could say i'm spoiled. Though, i hardly ever use the thing, b/c i dont have time.

abby- PTL indeed!

Linds said...

I think that's one of my fears too! I frieked a few months ago when I noticed one of the prongs was bent. I was afraid of losing the diamond. . .

So glad Andrew was around when you discovered it missing. Hate when something like that happens and I'm by myself!

Becky L said...

Linds- Having Andrew around did exactly make things better. He tried staying calm... and i was just so frantic. I didnt want to be calm. [The ironic thing is that I'm often telling HIM to stay calm. Now i know what its like for someone to tell you that]

'liya said...


Crazy Working Mom said...

Did you get it fixed?
That happened to me once and thank goodness I found it as well, several days later in the carpet!
I'm so glad you found it.