Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Sometimes Erica seems so Obsessive-Compulsive. That being said, I've read that it's somewhat normal for toddlers. They like ordering things, moving things, etc.

The first example of this I saw was last Memorial Day @ a family picnic. I'm not sure what it was she had; I think it was tennis rackets. Well, she would move all of them a few feet away. Then once they were all there, she would move them back. Then when she moved the last one, she took them back to the other spot again. On and on and on.

During the fall, we had little pumpkins out front. They were all different sizes; and she would arrange them IN SIZE ORDER. If I tried moving them, she'd have a fit and move them back again.

When putting crayons away, they have to be tip-side up. If I put a crayon in the opposite way, she'll dump out the entire box and start over.

She also likes being clean. She freaks out when even a little dirt gets on her.

Well, to the point of my post. Erica has started something new, though I find this to be so adorable. Whenever she goes to bed, she MUST have her baby doll. She'll put the baby's pillow down, then the baby, then cover the baby w/ a blanket, and give her a toy bottle. Then Erica puts her pillow down, lays down, I put the blanket on her and put a cup of water next to her.

It has to be done in that order. If I try putting her pillow down first, she has a fit and throws it on the ground. If I do any step out of turn, she starts back at the beginning again.

She's hillarious. And, she just woke up from her nap.

[BTW: I tried making it to everyone's blogs today. Hope I didnt miss anyone...]


Toni said...

The box??? your crayon box makes it home in one piece?? We have a bucket.

She is a little peculiar, but that's ok. Luke also has certain things. He has to wear a white undershirt. EVERY. DAY. Don't even try to get him to not wear one, we will have a complete melt down going on.

Becky L said...

Toni- Its nice to hear that my child is not the only one w/ odd obsessions.

I wasnt too worried, b/c I read in different books that most kids go thru a stage like this.

Toni said...

STAGE??? Luke will be 5 yo in May- He's been this way for over 3 years. Fortunately, he has 'trained' all of us!

Crazy Working Mom said...

*LOL* Good thing she can keep you lined out! :)

(also I would like to suggest that you turn off word verification on your comments...I hate that darned thing! I had to type: njoeuwey!)