Friday, March 16, 2007

Under the weather

the BLASTED weather is all messed up again! Yes, its snowing again. Can you believe it? I'm not happy. Not one bit. Good grief! My previous post was titled "Spring has Sprung," and now its snowing again! not cool at all. i guess its a good thing i didnt pack away all of erica's winter clothes.

But, the real meaning to my title... i've been under the weather. Mainly it was wednesday. I woke up, felt okay, had breakfast with erica, then felt HORRIBLY SICK! i figured it was just my 'milk-thing.' [When i have too much dairy, my stomach feels queezy.] But, once it came to be noon and i was still nauseated, i figured it must be something more. My poor daughter. She just wanted to go outside and have fun. The night before we had been going up and down the street on her tricycle, and now mommy wouldnt even let her go outside! she didnt know what to think.

i managed to get her lunch together-- quite an amazing feat. i did let her go out to our back porch with her tricycle for awhile, then i put her in her room for a nap. She slept till 3-ish... as did i. Upon waking, i did not feel any better. I tried and tried to get erica enthralled with watching TV... i thought it would work. But all she wanted to do was go outside. we had quite the fight. Well, it was more one-sided... her-sided. she kept pushing and hitting me, trying to get me outside. However, i did not budge from the bathroom.

My lovely sister abby came over wednesday night. yippee! Hubby took erica out, so i got some relaxation time; abby and i watched TV. When andrew and erica came home, they brought me flowers. how sweet! I got plenty of sleep that night; Then thursday Abby and i WENT SHOPPING!

yeah for retail therapy!

well, except that i didnt get what i was looking for. I wanted a new dress, but didnt find any that i absolutely loved. But i did get a pair of GAP jeans, for only $19!!! great deal, considering most are $60 or more.

On a positive note from all of this... i did lose a few pounds. Of course, i know its just from being sick. But, since i'm dieting anyway and have been losing weight b/c of that, maybe these few lbs will stay off.

[I did get some pictures finally from erica's party. I'll get them up over the weekend...]


Toni said...

Sorry you have the 'crud'- it's been going around! Glad you got some 'me' time!

Abigail S said...

You got me sick :-(

Becky L said...

toni-- yeah, the "me" time was great

abby-- i am SOOOO sorry.