Tuesday, March 06, 2007

some nice pictures

i'm FINALLY adding pictures. I'm not gonna type much... this is gonna be long enough as is b/c of all the picts.

#1-2. Both are from her tea parties. She likes to pretend having tea w/ her doll. the one picture is when erica shared a raisin with her baby. kinda cute how it just stayed in there.

#3-4. Snow days! she's so cute all bundled up. She liked shoveling, making snow angels, throwing snow, eating snow, etc etc etc.

#5. A few posts ago, someone commented that they cant believe that this cute little girl has temper tantrums. Well, here's the proof.
#6. She's playing cool w/ Daddy's glasses and hat.
#7. I'm not sure if i posted this one before or not... Erica helped Daddy bake some cookies... he had a craving for food, so they whipped some together. I was shocked that she could actually hold the mixer while it was working.
well, i think that's all i'll do for now... I dont know how much i'll get done later this week. Erica is turning TWO on friday! oh my! we've got a party to plan!!


Smalltown RN said...

She is just adorable...oh i bet she keeps you busy....A bday party!!!! my oh my...that will be fun....

Happy Tuesday!

Abigail S said...

Such sute pics, Becks! She sure is handy in the kitchen!

Can't wait to see yall Friday!

Toni said...

Admit it... you pinched her for picture #5, didn't you?? She is adorable!

Happy (early) Birthday Erica!

Becky L said...

Erica is looking at this right now, giving me a live-commentary...

baby cup
Erica shovel
erica daddy hat
erica mix

and for the picture of her crying, she's now pretending to cry! boo hoo hoo hoo

Akemi said...

These pictures are so cute!!!! I love pictures #6 and #7. I'm amazed that Erica was able to use the mixer.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Great pictures! I loved 'em.
I know what you mean about people saying that cute kids can't be problems. Mine is the same way. She's a sweetie to others but behind closed doors at home, her horns come out! :)

Becky L said...

akemi-- she helped me bake again today [food for her party], and helped mix again.

crazy working mom-- one day, an older lady was watching erica for me. when i went to pick her up, the lady said "she is just so well behaved. She never gets upset or into trouble." I laughed out loud, and the lady looked quite confused.

Momish said...

Those are great photos! My daughter will be two in May and I am just in awe each time I look at her that she has gotten so big, such a personality in this very short time (it seems short). You must feel the same! Erica is so beautiful, even in a full on crying tantrum!

Wishing her big birthday wishes!