Thursday, December 07, 2006

tech question

Earlier today, i was in the middle of typing up a Word Document. When all of a sudden, it froze up and wouldnt let me continue. Now, everytime i try to open that document, a message says that it is "locked for editing by 'another user.'"

what does that mean??? Who is the other user? How are they accessing my computer? When will i be able to work on my project again?

this is very disheartening.


janelle said...

you are the other user. ....just copy it and put it inj a new docv, thats the only way to solve it.

janelle said...

...and apparently i can't type with gloves on

Becky L said...

LOL... why are you typing with gloves on?

the problem is solved. not sure how... when i came down this morning, everything was fine

janelle said...

i just got to work, i was still thawing. its cold at 7 in the morn

Clairissa said...


My answer to all computer problems is...


ha ha :)