Thursday, November 30, 2006

things that go bump in the night

yup, that would be me.
i went "bump" in the night.

walked right into my door. i had just turned the lights off in the room, and andrew walked out... I assumed he left the door wide open. Since my eyes were not adjusted to the dark, i was walking slowly. i should have noticed... But i could see out into the hallway, so i figured the door really was wide open. With that new-found confidence, i started walking faster-- and hit my forehead right into the edge of the door.

silly me.

i had quite the emotional breakdown then. things from the past few days were just building up inside, and finally "POP," out they came. nothing "major" has happened this week, no big traumas. Just little things. all inconcequention stuff... except that they all built up.

so, i called my sister to cry to. [another female is always the best place to go when a girl needs to cry.] She calmed me down. thanks abby! but she also told me that i cant go to sleep. i wasnt sure if she was joking or not, but she said i might have a concussion, and if i fall asleep i may never wake back up. So, i decided to blog. While doing so, i also checked out WebMD about the issue. i'm pretty certain that i'll be okay. i know what day it is [saturday, right?], i can say my ABCs [a b d e f g l...], and i can walk in a [sort of] straight line. ... Okay, just kidding. I'm totally fine.

well, i'm gonna head up to bed to get some Zzzzz's. If you dont hear from me soon, you can expect the worst!


Clairissa said...

You're such a goofball! But I hope your noggin is okay. :)

Becky L said...

i'm okay. just peachy. though, while doing my makeup this afternoon, i discovered that i have a huge red splotch on my eyeball. so, either i'm getting Pink Eye, or i burst a blood vessel while crying...

Clairissa said...

Uh-oh! Rob had pink eye a couple months back... it was NOT fun. He was in a lot of pain. Hopefully, it's not that.

Hey what's in Erica's Little People nativity set? Rob's parents got Reagan one, but it doesn't have the shepherds expansion pack so I just bid on one on eBay. It has a couple animals, wise men, Jesus, Mary Joseph, 4 fence pieces, hay box, and the actual stable. I think that's it. I was just curious as to what Erica's has. They have a new on now that has animals with hair and fur and stuff! I'm OBSESSED!!!! :)

Becky L said...

clairissa-- i'll let you know once i get it out again. i'm doing my holiday decorating on sunday; my parents are coming to help b/c andrew is gone that day. Anyway, once i get it out i'll let you know. i'll probably end up blogging about it afterwards, b/c erica is obsessed w/ the baby.

Crazy Me said...

A good cry is good every once in a while. Too bad it had to come because of a bump on your noggin!

mistyblue3 said...

Hi becky! how are things over here? so sorry to hear about your door incident. I've been having some emotional issues also, nonsense building up. ugh. hope things get better, and watch out for those doors!

Clairissa said...

Ohhh my, you can wait that long to decorate? My house has been a Christmas Wonderland since 2 days after Thanksgiving! I can't WAIT to get everything out. And we have about 500 lights lighting everything up outside. Love this time of year! And yes, please let me know the inventory of Erica's nativity when you come across it. Just curious!! :)

Raj said...

That was funny!!

So I guess you are fine now.

I once bumped my head into the shower tap (u call it faucet, i guess!!). It hurt so much!!! :(

Agnes Mitchell said...

Owieeee! I do hope your bump is all better now. I always seem to do that with cabinet doors. The ones above the countertops. I leave them open and then lean over to do something and when I raise up "bonk"!! It has to do with being just my exact height. This would never happen to my hubby.

Anyway, sometimes we just need a good bump to push us over the hormonal edge...and a good friend to push us back toward sanity.

Many hugs and love to you. Very glad you're not dain bramaged.

Becky L said...

wow, lots of comments!

crazy me-- yes, a good cry is needed every once in awhile

mistyblue3-- yeah, nonsense stuff do all build up and up.

clairissa-- wow, you are quite decorated. andrew's talking about not getting a tree. **GASP** i'm still holding on to hope

raj-- yes, i'm fine now. my eye is still red though.

agnes-- nope, no dain bramage here. :-) i dont normally have trouble with our cabinet doors, b/c i normally dont keep them open. but here's one for you-- one time, i closed a door on my ear. yeah, i'm not sure how i accomplished that one.

Clairissa said...

Not having a tree is LUDICROUS! How would it be Christmas? We almost went to NYC for Christmas this year, and I told Rob I was not sure about that... simply because, what about the tree? Well, I guess the Rock' tree would be your tree in a NYC hotel room. ha ha

What would be your reason for NOT having one? If it's needles, get a fake (better than NONE). If it's Erica getting into it, I say this: My parents always said punish the CHILD not the STUFF. If I can keep Reagan AND a spastic siamese out of ours, you can keep little miss Strawberry Shortie Pants outta yours! :)