Wednesday, November 22, 2006

so stinkin' cute!

my daughter is so cute.

i took erica to get her picture taken, b/c i had a coupon for a free 8x10 picture. well, just about every picture turned out to be so adorable. every pose was just too cute! they almost sold me on buying this huge picture frame collage w/ five different pictures in it. [it would have been around $150 or something like that. but i did not give in. i have my regrets though...]

i am so thankful for cameras. they are fantastic. i have NO CLUE how they work. you can try to explain it to me, but i still wont grasp the concept. I'm just thankful that they DO work.

what modern appliance/device/tool/whatever are you most thankful for?


Becky L said...

my avatar is all dressed up for the fall. isnt she cute?

'liya said...

Finally your comments box is working!

To answer your last Q, I'm thankful that I don't have to drive on the highway to work! I hate highways (merging as well) :S

To answer this Q, I'm thankful for the butt warmer (seat warmer) that my car has - especially on cold mornings like todays :D

Raj said...

Sorry for not being able to comment on last few posts of yours.

Good luck with your new job as a Mary Kay lady :)

I am thankful for all the modern appliances. The more, the better :D

Holly said...

Is it a bad or good sign if I feel unable to choose just 1 modern "device"?

If forced to narrow it down I would say (in order of priority) - my cell phone, my USB stick, and by extension my two computers (both PC and Mac).

But I should also say that I'm very thankful for days when I can escape my favorite techno toys! :)

Clairissa said...

I'm watching a show on Discovery Health right now about conception and birth so it's forefront in my mind to be thankful for ultrasound machines. Remember how cool it was to see our kids before they were born? Priceless! Way beyond any "modern device."

Crazy Me said...

Thank goodness for my DVR, even though it doesn't work half the time. I hate watching commercials!

Becky L said...

'liya-- i didnt realize that the comment box wasnt working. hmm...

raj-- actually, i'm not doing the mary kay. things just arent seeming to work out.

holly-- nothing wrong with loving your computer! and cell phones are definitely a must have.

crazy me-- yeah, we dont have that. all we have for our TV is an antenea. so the only stations we can watch are NBC and The CW.

Clairissa said...

Pardon me, but you didn't even comment to ME and mine was the best one since it has to do with our CHILDREN! But, I have to second crazy me's one... I love my TiVo pretty darn much. Surprised I didn't recall that one, but I was truly mesmorized by that show I was watching. I was in La La Land remembering ultrasounds when I was pregnant. I loved that!