Wednesday, November 01, 2006

happy halloween... [the day after]

so, halloween was fun. we had a good time. our "special dinner" didnt go over too well w/ Hubby and Toddler. Andrew just thought it was weird, and erica wasnt very hungry to begin with.

what was our special dinner? it's called "dinner in a pumpkin." you cut open your pumpkin, scoop out the seeds so that its hallow. Then, fry up some meat, add some cream of chicken and other things to it, and put it inside the pumpkin. Cook for an hour. Then, you eat the meat and can eat the pumpkin too. It was definitely a cool idea... but i wont make it again.

I also made "pumpkin butter" yesterday. now, THATS GOOD!!! its like apple butter, but w/ pumpkin. i'm so glad i made it, and it was really easy too. you just combine a can of pumpkin, a cup of applesauce, a little brown sugar [i used Splenda Brown Sugar], spices, and lemon juice. then you let it simmer on the stove for 45 minutes. SOOOO GOOD! We used it last night on some dinner rolls. And this morning, when erica and i ate our pumpkin pancakes, we used the pumpkin butter on them instead of regular butter. much healthier for you.

Well, erica got dressed up as an Eagles Cheerleader. she looked very cute. she had a football too. we stayed home to hand out candy, and then after awhile i took her out to just a few houses that were close by. she was ADORABLE! she carried her Trick-Or-Treat bucket and would take the candy from people and plop it in. A lot of what she got, she cant eat b/c its too hard; andrew will end up eating it. [i dont like candy that is purely sugar. ick.] but she can have a few of the chocolate candies.

[i'm trying to add pictures, but once again Blogger is being finicky and wont let me. If you click the link for the pumpkin dinner, you can see what its supposed to look like. And hopefully i'll someday get erica's halloween picture posted.]

picture successfully added!


'liya said...

Hmm was your dinner in a pumpkin in those mini pumpkins? I like that. I don't like dinner in a squash though because it's more bitter so don't ever try that!

Pumpkin butter sounds yummy.

Raj said...

I don't think I would like to try that dinner in a pumpkin thing. Nut pumpkin butter does sound good :)

Becky L said...

'liya-- it was in one of those orange pumpkins, the kind that you carve faces in.

raj-- i must admit, i was excited about it when i read the recipe. but once i got it out of the oven, i was really hesitant to eat it.