Sunday, November 05, 2006


Things I appreciate about my hubby--

1) He works to support our family
2) He's smart about whats best for our family
3) He makes good financial decisions
4) He's the "head" of the household [So that I dont have to be, and actually i dont really want to be]
5) He always looks at the big picture [whereas I normally tend to just think about the here and now]
6) He has such a willing spirit to help other people and to serve in various aspects
7) He is wonderful with Erica, and teaches her things that i'd never think of [like saying "cheers" and tapping their cups together]
8) He accepts my physical appearance as it is, and doesnt push me or tease me into looking different.
9) He can do things around the house-- He's quite the handyman.
10) He's committed to his family. He's committed to me.

Andrew, you are the man I married. You are the one I am committed to. I believe in you and am with you ALL THE WAY.


'liya said...

Aww, that was sweet :) Does he read your blog? If not, you should print that post out and put it on his pillow for him to find!

Becky L said...

he normally doesnt read this anymore, b/c he's too busy. so i sent an email to him at work with a link to this. he liked it :-)

Valerie said...

That is so cute. I'm happy that your happy!

Becky L said...

val-- i miss you!

Becky L said...

sorry clairissa...

Clairissa said...

Uh oh sorry, did my last comment reveal info not to be revealed?! So sorry!!

Sadly this isn't the first time you've had to delete my comment. LOL