Wednesday, September 27, 2006


i'm so tired. one specific culprit: my iron deficiency. I realized last night that i havent been taking my iron supplements. I think they had been making me nauseaus [which is typical of iron], but i remembered that i also have ginger supplements [from when i was pregnant] that help with upset stomachs. So, i'm gonna start again with it. However, i wont be doing my multi-vitamin yet. B/C i also suspect that they might be the source of my tummy aches.

There is another reason i'm tired. See, its not that i'm neccesarrily sleep-deprived. I'm not; i get plenty of sleep at night. I'm tired in a "worn-out" kind of way. Erica has been so grouchy. And though i love her dearly, i'm getting so stressed out by it. Andrew and I are supposed to go camping this weekend with friends, which will be a great get-away. The only problem-- its supposed to rain, which would cancel the trip. Cant really sleep in tents when its pouring. However, the guy who's making most of our plans has already bought all of our food for the weekend, which would go to total waste. So maybe we'd figure out how to have our gatherings at home. The question is: would we still send erica to her grandparents' for the weekend? i would really appreciate it. I could use the break. But it would really inconvenience them. We'll just have to see...

But back to the topic-- i'm tired. Perhaps i am a bit sleep deprived, in that i've been waking up early. Here's the deal with that-- I've decided that there are certain things i want to get accomplished during my days that just wont get done when erica naps. So, if i wake up early i can do it before she wakes up. Along with that, most of those things i really REALLY want to get done before andrew comes down in the morning. Ex: i've decided that i want to get him breakfast in the morning. he never used to eat b/c of the time restraint. I want to do this for him as a way of showing my love to him. He's very much an "acts of service guy," when it comes to showing/acknowledging love. [i read a book in the past called "the five love languages." they are: service, gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch.] Well, its just unrealistic that i'll have the house clean and all chores done every day when he comes home from work. If i do get around to cleaning when erica sleeps, she just destroys it all when she wakes up. So i figure, getting him food/beverage in the morning is something i can do uninterupted.

At least, i thought it would be uninterrupted. See, my darling daughter has decided to wake up when i do. I have no idea how she hears me, b/c she has an air purifier AND a loud fan going in her room. And i'm very quiet. But every time i step out of my bedroom door, she wakes up. I thought: well, maybe if i get up even earlier she wont wake up. Nope. It completely kills most of my plans.

Today she's still asleep. ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA ALLELUIA, ALLELUUUUIA! [courtesy of: handel's messiah] So, i got my morning things done, and now also have time to blog. I have another "secret" blog that i might even have time to write in. [fyi: "just a quick question" is (unofficially) dead. Abby and i just dont have time for it, or creativity.]

I still am really tired, though.


Clairissa said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Maybe it's cuz it's almost 1 AM, but the "courtesy of Handel's Messiah" cracked me up! You're so goofy!!! :)

janelle said...

umm, bagel with cream cheese. simple, quick and easy and yet still shows you care! works for me!

Jolene said...

Andrew said I would appreciate this. He he. Yup, no matter how quiet you are you never can become invisible to your little ones. I think I've given up on that one. I let them come wake me up :)

JDS1000 said...

Aw. So know how you feel. Been getting random spouts of Dizzyness needing naps non stop.

Hope you feel good =[

my nephew Adam's beginning to speak =D its SOOO CUTE

Anonymous said...

yeah, somehow they just sense it inside themselves when their mummies wake up. its uncanny.


Becky L said...

clairissa-- thanks! i was feeling funny, so i thought i'd add that.

janelle-- not sure he likes bagels. i did make muffins... but he's not been eating them. ah well, i at least make him hot chocolate, now that its cooler in the mornings.

jolene-- thanx for stopping by!

jds-- its nice to see someone else understands the dizzy thing... If i quit drinking coffee, it probably wouldnt be as bad. but i cant stop myself!

tarini-- thanx for stopping by! you're right; it is quite uncanny!

Clairissa said...

Am I the only one here whose husband makes ME breakfast in the morning? (I've got a sweetie!) :)