Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

It really was a labor day... My sister-in-law woke up at 5:30 this morning w/ contractions. By 7:30ish they were 2 1/2 minutes apart, so they went to the hospital. The baby was born at 8:45.

wow, that was quick!

and guess what? THEY HAD A GIRL!!! yeah, erica has a girl cousin. i'm excited-- there's someone to pass on erica's old clothing to.

in other unrelated and unimportant news-- i made some changes to my sidebar. i'm not really happy with the results though. i'll have to fix it later; no time now.


Raj said...


I like the bear at the bottom of the sidebar. Is that new as well or was it there before?

janelle said...

sweet what did they name her??

Becky L said...

raj-- the bear is new too. the only things i didnt change are the coffee chick and weather chick.

janelle-- i havent asked my brother and his wife OR andrew's sister and husband for permission to really share a lot of info. i dont know if it would bother them to have their names on the web [even though i definitely wouldnt include last names]. i can email you all the details though. i'll get to that sometime today or tomorrow.

Clairissa said...

Wow, she has babies almost as quick as I do! Congrats' to her and the whole fam'!

Oh, and e-mail me the name too... I wanna know for curiosity is not a friend of mine. :)

'liya said...

Congratulations to her! :)

Agnes Mitchell said...

Awesome! New baby to play with and you don't have to change a diaper if you don't want to. Woohoo. :D

I think your sidebar rocks. I really like your weather pixie. Pardon but I might have to get me one also. I noticed my counter lost it's link. No mo countin. Pththt.

Becky L said...

clairissa-- i'll try to get that to you ASAP

'liya-- thanks

agnes-- i actually got the weather chick idea from 'liya [the one who commented right before you did].