Thursday, September 07, 2006

Erica's 18 month check-up

Well, Erica is doing fine. Since her last apt three months ago, she has grown 2& 1/2 inches, but hasnt even gained a full pound. She's now 25 pounds, ten ounces. And 33& 1/2 inches.

The doctor said she has a lot of stomach muscles; isnt that interesting? Well, she is a very active child.

So, i havent met my neice yet. But my parents did. They've all been trying to figure out who this new baby girl looks like. their son [almost 2 yrs old] looked just like his mommy's brother. But they can't pinpoint this new girl. Well... I was showing andrew the pictures and he said: "she looks like erica." What do you think?

can you guess which one is erica? Probably not, b/c she doesnt look ANYTHING like she did as a newborn. But take a good look and try to wager a guess...

[New baby is on the left, wearing the hat w/ a tassle. Erica is on the right.]


Clairissa said...

Of course I knew which one is Erica... I actually think she still looks alot the same... like Andrew! I guess they kinda look alike since they're both girls, but I don't think really. Different noses I think. Or something???

Becky L said...

i get to see the cutie tomorrow! ... actually, today since its past midnight already

Clairissa said...

Ohhhh how was it? Did it make you want another one? I was afraid (and Rob too!) that I would want another when I first held my new nephew in July. But I don't yet - they're a lot of work!!! But sure fun to squeeze!!! :)