Wednesday, August 02, 2006

computer bug

so, i have a computer bug. actually, lots of bugs.

We have ants in the basement again. but so far, just in the basement. it makes me so mad. grrrr... And they're all over my computer. In fact, one just scurried across my keyboard. I put out ant traps yesterday, and there arent nearly as many. which is good. Maybe it'll be enough to get rid of whats left of the ants.

other home issues:
our ceilings are getting water stains all over them. everywhere, even the basement. I guess what's happening is there's lots of water condensing around the Central Air pipes, and then drip drip dripping down onto the ceiling. That would explain why the house has smelled a bit moldy lately.

So, i'm not going to sleep for awhile. i have the urge to stay up. i'm listening to some Tunes, which is nice. relaxing. When i was in college, i remember times doing homework or some other task and listening to my crazy-loud music. Punk rock, hardcore rock, even some rap here and there. And my roomate said: how can you study to that? well, i find it relaxing.

i'm posting some pictures. well, trying to. i've been having such a hard time lately with it. Actually, i've only managed to get one on so far. And you may be stuck with just that. Its just erica on the couch.


Agnes Mitchell said...

Hee hee. Lookie at Erica. What a cutie. One of her better moments I'm guessing?
She's starting to talk now huh? Doing pretty well but also starting to pitch a fit every now and again I bet. Riley's all frustration because he can't get across everything that's spinning around his busy little brain.
I think that's the whole crux of the terrible 2s problem. Inability to communicate.

Anyway, Sorry about your bugs. I do hope you find a way to make them go. Also, that water problem is worrisome. New stains? Like this hasn't happened year after year? Are you renting? Do you have homeowner's insurance?
You really need to get that checked. It could be mildewing up there and that's really bad for little lungs to breathe.

Oh well. Visit whenever you have time. No pressure at all.
Big hugs to you and the family. :)

Crazy Me said...

It's hard to blog in the summer, isn't it?

Raj said...

Wow! Ants are troubling you again. I hope all the ants die soon! :)

Becky L said...

agnes-- we've only been living here a year. so i dont know if they ever had problems before. we have our theories though: the guy did a lot of remodeling himself, and messed A LOT of it up. so we've been having lots of troubles, not just this recent thing.

crazy me-- yup!

raj-- today there are noneyet that i can see. thats a good sign.

Clairissa said...

Yeah I agree with Agnes. You don't want to mess with mold. I hope you're able to get someone in there to repair all that is wrong. Not fun!

Becky L said...

LOL! my picture finally appeared, and its not the pict that i wanted! look how silly erica is; she didnt stay still for the picture

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I hate ants with a passion. This year hasn't been TOO bad but we've had a lot of problems in previous years. The main thing is that we can't get an exterminator because we have a huge thing of coal in our basement and bugs just hide out there and are safe so it would just be a waste of money. And oh yeah, my dad's too stubborn too get rid of the coal. LOL!