Tuesday, July 25, 2006

beep beep beep

[i was gone all last week to my parents' house. Andrew was in Mississippi and i didnt feel like staying home alone w/ erica. Anyway, i thought that i would have had time to blog, but apparently i didnt. So, now its tuesday and i'm finally back to blogger.]

I've realized that i havent told you any of the words that erica can say!!! I need to preface it by explaining: She's been in this pattern where she'll learn a word, say it for a day or two, and then not say it again for weeks. its almost as if she's thinking: "okay i know it now, so i'm moving on to the next thing."

1) Daddy and mommy. Of course. Well, actually dada and mama.
2) Shoe. This girl LOVES shoes. Recently she's started putting on my shoes or andrew's shoes and walking around it them. its super-cute!
3) Dress. I couldnt believe it!!! She said it around easter time, but hasnt said it since. But she most definitely was saying it.
4) Stop it. Okay, maybe not really. But i swear thats what she said! She was bouncing around on my bed, and i kept tickling her. She looked at me and said "stop it." This happened quite a few times for two days.
5) Catch. Well, it wounds more like "atch." She says it when she throws a ball to someone.
6) Apple. NOT talking about the fruit. what, you may wonder??? I have a book called "Apple Dumplin's Day." Its about Strawberry Shortcake's little sister. I read it to her every time before she takes a nap or goes to bed at night. And she sleeps with a doll; its not supposed to be apple dumplin', but it really does look like her. Well, one day erica picked up her doll and said: "apple." I was astonished! i'd never called the doll by that name. She made the association all by herself!
7) One, two, three! Okay, it sounds like: "uhhh, two, eeee!" She can say two but not the others. My dad plays this little game with her where he'll swing her back and forth, counting. Then on Three, he'll plop her down on the couch or pass her to someone else. She's also started climbing up on the couch or coffee table, counting to three, then jumping to someone. Its super-cute too.
8) Bird. She doesnt really get the "d," so she's just saying birrrr. My mom collects tons of fancy ceramic birds. Erica has been pointing to them and calling them by their name. Though, yesterday she saw an airplane and called it "birrr."
9) Belly. She's in love with her belly. Especially her belly button. She loves poking at it. She can also point to her nose and ears, though she isnt really saying those yet, at least not clearly. She kinda says "eeee" when pointing to her ears.
10) Erica. This is actually rather hillarious. She was calling her cousin [nathaniel] "ica." I think perhaps she thinks that any little kid is erica, not just her. She was also calling her grandpa "daddy," perhaps also b/c she was associating that word with any man that she's close to. Though, towards the end of my week with them, she starting to say what sounded like "pa."

The title to my post is "beep beep beep." She was playing with cars this week. Earlier in the week, she'd roll them around on the floor, saying "vooooom vooooom." It was ultra-cute. Since we've gotten home, though she's been saying "beep beep" when playing with them. I'm wondering where she picked that one up???


Valerie said...

Awwwwwwwwww :)

She is so smart and cute. Your going to have to beat the boys off with a stick when she getts older.

Becky L said...

i forgot to mention: she also says hi and bye while waving.

Raj said...

"Stop it" - Heh. She's learning the right words :)

Clairissa said...

Don't you love how they talk at that age?

Reagan (who by the way is 19 months TODAY!) says sooo many things, probably at least 30 or 40 words in his vocabulary which I think is INSANE!

Spreaking of counting... he counts 1-10 like this: un, two, bree, fo, figh, six, seden, a, nine, ten. He'll just randomly start counting, and he also knows the numbers by sight! I especially love when he wakes up, and I can hear him on the monitor in his bed counting. SOOOO CUTE!

OK, this is YOUR blog, not mine, so I will shut up now. Hope your time away was relaxing and beneficial!! ;-)