Wednesday, June 21, 2006

so, she might actually be sick

At one point yesterday, erica had a BIG YAWN, and i saw the inside of her mouth... She has some white sores on the inside of her cheek. And i thought: hmmm... not good.

So, i pulled out my book "What to Expect the Toddler Years." I turned to the illness section and checked everything listed for white sores. There were only a few listed... and Hand-Foot-Mouth disease seems to fit.

There's an initial 1 to 2 day fever of 101-103 [which she had Friday and Saturday]. Also, there is a decrease in eating and drinking. And i did notice that in her yesterday. Then, 1 to 2 days later the sores appear. First come the blisters in the mouth-- which i noticed for the first time yesterday afternoon. Then a day or two later, there are red spots that appear on the hands and feet. [Why, you may wonder-- b/c babies and toddlers like putting their hands and feet in their mouths.]

It normally disappears withing 7 to 10 days w/ no long term problems. Medicine might not even be needed. Still, i'll probably take her to the doctor later today.


Crazy Me said...

Yikes! I hope your little one is all right.

Michaela said...

Bleh When I was teaching Preschool we had a "run" of HFM because the kids wernt washing there hands and they touch themselfs, then the toys and another kid touches the toys... Bleh. I Would take her in anyways just to be sure!

Raj said...

I hope she doesnt have that hand-foot-mouth thing.

Becky L said...

i think she's in the clear-- the next morning i checked out her mouth again, and didnt see anything.

thanks for your concerns though! much appreciated