Tuesday, June 20, 2006

busy, busy, busy-- and a bit lazy

so, i've been really lazy AND busy. confused? well, so much has been going on [hence the busy part]. SO, when i have some free time, i dont feel like doing anything [hence the lazy part]. And this has affected my blogging as well... which was quite apparent, seeing as my last post was over a week ago.

my cousin got married over the weekend. IN IOWA!!! so, i had lots of traveling to do. It was rather draining. And to make things REALLY stressful, while i was gone Erica got sick. It was awful. i couldnt do anything to help her, and since i couldnt even see her, it was hard for me to even advise andrew on what to do. She had a fever, but no other symptoms. What we ended up guessing was that she was having a reaction to her shots-- though she had gotten them 10 days previous.

by the time i came home sunday night, she was fine. And she was so happy to see me!!! it made me feel very special and loved.

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