Friday, June 09, 2006

pieces of advice...

1) NEVER EVER EVER NEVER buy McDonald's new Iced Coffee. ITS AWFUL!!! the stuff i make here at home is SO much better.

2) When going out with your mother-in-law, make sure to dress appropriately.

3) If you go to movie theatre to see X-Men 3, stay until after the credits. There's an important extra little clip at the end.

--> A follow up note: if you DO go to see it, prepare to be mightily upset.
Well, i was. My friend wasnt. But i didnt so much as like the ending.
4) When out to eat at a pizza place, dont buy the mozzarella sticks; its gonna be too expensive.
5) Make sure your child is well-rested and well-fed before having his/her picture taken. Otherwise he/she will not be pleasant.
Okay, so all of these are a reflection of yesterday. I had a busy day. but it was really good.
Let me back up and say: i've been SOOOOOOOOO stressed out. Erica was exceedingly cranky from saturday until wednesday. And thus, i was getting cranky too. So, Andrew nicely agreed to watch Erica last night so that i could go out. how nice.
Well, thursday afternoon i actually went to visit his mom, b/c she wanted to have erica's picture taken. Erica wasnt quite well rested and hadnt eaten before the picture time. Luckily she was okay at the beginning so they got some good snapshots. But, she started getting antsy. She wouldnt stay still, and kept running away. Ah well. That day, i was wearing a semi-new shirt of mine. Unfortunately, i didnt think things through when dressing; its a tad low-cut, so i was extremely embarrassed the whole time.
Anyway, moving on... Once andrew came home from work, i headed out to go to the movies w/ my friend val. We ate at a pizza place. i got a sandwhich and mozzarella sticks. They were good... but pricey. mmm... Then we headed to the movie. It was good; but i really hated how it ended. If i was the one writing the script, it would have had a totally different outcome.
After the movie, i stopped by McDonalds for a drink. So i got their new iced coffee. It was so gross, i couldnt even finish it. It was really really watered down. Just awful. Yuck.
I'm hoping that now i'll be a bit more jovial, since i had a nice time out and about. So far today, things have been going well. Lets see if it continues...
Happy friday everyone!


Michaela said...

I so agree on X-3.... it was HORRABLE! They really really did a horrable job. and the first two were wonderful!

Becky L said...

i'm glad to hear that someone agrees with me

Tickneen said...

Dude, there can't be enough said for having a well rested and well fed kid! My wife and I clashed on this all the time back when they were little. I was always so worried about their hunger and rest. If they didn't have either, I wouldn't go out and do anything with them. My wife on the other hand can handle any situation, she just picks up the kids and says lets go. I am learning from her.

Clairissa said...

Item #1 - I just had McDonald's Iced Coffee tonight, and I thought it was good. Had the hazelnut kind. However, I was expecting more of an "exciting" drink, whereas it was just simply cold coffee with ice. Yeah, yeah I know I should have gathered that it would be just cold coffee considering the title, but I don't know... I was expecting MORE.

Item #2 - I wore a "booby shirt" today too. Looked darn sexy in it, but yeah, I was always looking around before bending over - ha!

Item #3 - Didn't plan on going to see it, but now I certainly won't - thanks for the review Ebert!

Item #4 - Never ran into a place that had cheap, but GOOD mozzy sticks - but they're sooo worth the money!! :-P Yummmmmmmmmm

Item #5 - Even the pouty pics are cute and make a memory! So don't fret!! P.S. Just got Reagan's 18 month pics taken at PP - all I have to say is where is a giant spoon cuz I could eat him up!!!!!!! :)