Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Funniest Thing EVER!

[I previously had the video actually here as part of the post. However, it made my entire sidebar jump down to the bottom b/c the image was too big. So, i've now deleted the clip. sorry-- but you'll have to use the link.]

I think this is just hilarious! You need to check it out!!! Go to You Tube to watch it for yourself.

What am i talking about??? Its a 'motivational speaker' guy. His main focus is on dealing with change; and at the end of his sessions, he drives the point home with his six minute "evolution of dance." He goes through the past 50 years of popular music/dances. its quite amusing.


Becky L said...

my favorite part is probably his MC Hammer "cant touch this."

too funny

Linds said...

What a hoot! I loved it! It'll keep me giggling all day.

Tickneen said...

Love it!!! Now that is talent!!!

andy said...

Thanks for the laughs, Becky. I haven't been here in a while. Have you checked out our garden?