Thursday, June 01, 2006


I love coffee. But today, it has been my downfall.

So, since the weather has been nice and toasty, i've been having Iced Coffee, b/c i just cant stand drinking it hot. Thus, i went to cofee-mate's website to get recipes. So, i tried out the mocha chiller. except, i used splenda to sweeten it; not chocolate. So, its not really a mocha. And i didnt blend it; just added ice. So, my final product was nothing like the picture: no whipped cream, straws, or cookies either. Just LOTS of coffee.

Too much.

And so now i'm WIDE AWAKE! and i'm having a bit of a headache. I really have no energy; i just want to sleep. But my mind is just whirling away, so i cant relax. I tried "counting sheep" [really, thats what i normally do to fall asleep] but it didnt work. My mind is just too busy thinking about all sorts of other things.

i'm tempted to go in to erica's room and watch her sleep. It would be precious. I rarely get to see her sleep anymore. I just revel at her sometimes. ... But i'm afraid i'll wake her up.

La de la de la...

I'm wide awake!!!


Clairissa said...

Oh for pete's sake woman! :)

I know what you mean (in a way) cuz when I go to the gym in the evening rather than the morning I am sooooo charged all evening, and so I usually can't sleep at night (at least at first).

Ohhh but tonight I won't be able to sleep cuz I will be so excited... we're going to Hershey Park all day tomorrow (Sunday). Reagan's first time!! I can't wait... :) :) :)

Clairissa said...

One more thing... and this is probably a dumb question considering who I am asking -but- have you ever gone to the Seattle coffee place at the mall? I am IN LOVE with their sugar-free hazelnut latte (with LOTS of whipped cream... yum!), and all this talk of coffee has got me wanting one. Boo hoo! :(

Holly said...

That mocha chiller looks great! Mmmm! :)
Please share any and all favorite finds from this recipe hunt.

Raj said...

Well, thats what you get for messing up the recipe. :D

Becky L said...

okay, this is totally TMI-- but i've been having an odd little outcome from all of this coffee.

i've been drinking cinnamon-hazzlenut Iced Coffees. Lots [as i've mentioned].

Lets just say: what comes in must come out...

very much like hazzlenut.