Thursday, May 18, 2006

an odd biproduct of pregnancy/mommyhood

lots of odd things happen to women when they're pregnant. and golly, did i experience a lot of them!!!

one interesting thing was the dreams i started having. and the really NEAT part is that now even after she's been around for a year, i'm still waking up most days to the fresh memory of a dream. It really is great. i love having dreams. Most mornings i dont want to get out of bed b/c i just want to dwell on my nice dream.

Tuesday night i had an awful one though. I woke up completely trembling. The worst part about this dream was that i actually THOUGHT it was real. i didnt realize that it was all just made-up. i was so devastated and thought my life was shattering...

Erica and i were at the park. [i've inserted a picture that i just found on the web so you could have some sort of visual. its not our park, but ah well.] We were playing: climbing up and going down slides, crawling thru the tunnels, all other sorts of fun things. Well, we were standing at the top of the play-structure thing and erica was sitting on the railing as i was holding onto her. There were kids playing down at the bottom, and erica was squirming to watch them. Suddenly, she thrust herself backwards and i lost my grip on her... She fell all the way down [which in my dream was quite a far distance] and landed on her head, snapping her neck. [and for some odd reason, it was on pavement, not mulch-type ground that parks normally have for safety issues.] I wont go into descriptions of what she looked like... but it was quite vivid in my dream. It was so awful.

Hopefully tonight i'll have a happy dream filled with princes and princesses and cute little animals -- something very Disney-ish.


Tickneen said...

Oh gosh, that is a terrible dream, I mean nightmare!

Raj said...

That does sound like a real nightmare but like they say, bad dreams never come true :)

Crazy Me said...

That's awful!!!