Friday, February 03, 2006

Attack of the bugs

Why are illnesses referred to as bugs? its not like you actually get sick from a bug.

ANYWAY... my little family has a cold being passed around. Sunday i had a sore throat. That was it. And it only lasted for a few hours. Nothing major.

Then andrew got it, though not until tuesday. So, tuesday night he slept all evening. Wednesday he went to bed at six and didnt wake up until six the next morning. Last night, he still felt horrible but stayed up awhile with us regardless.

Well, then Erica "caught the bug." [maybe from biting andrew's foot????] Her nose has yucky stuff coming out of it. ICK! and she's starting to cough. Now, i dont really have sympathy for people having colds... but with Erica its different. She's very prone to getting "bronchitis." or at least, some small form of it. I'm thankful that we have the nebulizer, so i can start giving her that and hopefully the cough wont get out of control. OH-- and she also has teeth coming in. The one is just starting to break through. So, that adds to her bad mood.

The "bug" has decided to go full circle. Now i am getting the sore throat back again. I, however, do not mind taking medicine. So, i bought "tylenol sore throat" and am downing it every 6 hours. Though, maybe tonight i'll lay in bed all evening, groaning and complaining... hmm....

I promise that i'll get back to pennsylvania stuff soon again. I think the next topic will be food. You can learn what shoo fly pie, woopie pies, pierogies, bear claws, and REAL chicken pot pie are. And i'll even tell you what the green dragon is. (i hopefully will get a picture tonight...)


Abigail S. said...

MMMmmmmm! Pierogies! Yummy!

JordanS said...

Awwww! I'm sick too. though I doubt I got it from your family, my internet connection can get me some nasty viruses, hehe but not even mine's good enough to get me the flu!

I hope you all feel better very soon *hugs* bye

Internet's amazing isn't it?

Origin: 1785

"Indeed," George Washington wrote in his diary in 1785, "some kind of fly, or bug, had begun to prey upon the leaves before I left home." The father of our country was not the father of bug. When Washington wrote that entry, Englishmen had been referring to insects as bugs for more than a century, and we Americans had already created Lightning Bug (1778). But the English were soon to get rid of the bugs in their language, leaving it to the Americans to call a bug a bug in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

We got bug in our ears in other ways too. The American bug could also be a person, an enthusiast or fanatic, as the Congressional Globe records in 1841: "Mr. Alford of Georgia warned the 'tariff bugs' of the South that...he would read them out of church." And although fan became the usual term, sports enthusiasts were racing bugs (1908), baseball bugs (1911), and the like. And a bug could be just plain insane (1884), confined to a bughouse (1899).

Or the bug could be a small machine or object: a telegraph key (1929); a clip used by a card sharp to hold cards under the table (1883); even a car, the small, bug-shaped, trademarked Volkswagen beetle (1960). The bug could also be a burglar alarm (1926), from which comes the expression to bug, that is, originally "to install an alarm," now a surveillance device like a hidden microphone. Since the 1840s to bug has long meant "to cheat," and since the 1940s it has been annoying.

We also know the bug as a flaw in a computer program or other design. That meaning traces back long before computers to the laboratory of inventor Thomas Edison. In 1878 he explained bugs as "little faults and difficulties" that require "months of anxious watching, study and labor" to overcome in developing a successful product. In 1889 it was recorded that Edison "had been up the two previous nights discovering 'a bug' in his phonograph."

'liya said...

Hmmm maybe they're called "bugs" because when you get sick it's bugs you.

Raj said...

I hope you all get well soon!!

Mom said...

Becky - forget pierogies from your PA Dutch foods - they are polish or some other Slavik delight

Clairissa said...

I've lived in this Dutch trap (aka Lancaster County) all my life, yet I'm sorry I just can't get into all this food everyone eats around here. Meat and potatoes, meat and potatoes... yick! I'm more into fine dining, thanks... or like Italian or Mexican. That sorta thing. Is there something wrong with me?