Wednesday, December 14, 2005

YES, i want some cheese with my whine!


so, i wrote this long old nasty post.

then i read Michaela's blog.

thank you for your insights.

----- * ----- * -----

I will, however, tell you some of what's been going on, my thoughts, moods, feelings, etc.
First of all, i have this weird stomach pain. thats random, i know.
For a long while, i was feeling extremely depressed. Post partum stuff? --maybe. Most likely just life situational things. I was feeling much better for a few days. Now i'm depressed again. i wish it would go away. wouldnt that be nice?
-- Like, that commercial for some cell phone group. This guy in an office has two voodoo dolls and says that one is for huge overages and the other for roaming. Then, he says he's gonna make one for loneliness. ... Yeah, that would be nice.
Things arent helped any by the fact that somethings wrong w/ erica. not sure what... Well, right now she's tearing up my basement. grrr. she actually figured out how to get the CD to come out of my computer. Anyway, she's all snotty. its gross. Tonight, she screamed and screamed.

Our car died. yeah.... .... .. .. Life is gonna be interesting now.

i've been going thru Blog-withdrawal. Which is partially why i'm writing so much now.
I APPOLOGIZE to those of you that i normally read and comment to. I've just been so busy.

i think i'll go cry.


Becky L said...

i'm trying to change my profile pict.

not sure what i think

what i think is... i need sleep!

JordanS said...

Sometimes taking brakes from the internet and blogs and all that is good. Focusing on the self is a great way for self improvement.

Raj said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Tickneen said...

Depression is a bummer. It's like a cloud hanging over your head. Being at home with a baby is a big job. Take some time for you, get a massage, lunch or dinner with friends, go for a walk. Hang in there!

Abigail S. said...

Becky- you look just like me in that new picture! It's kinda creepy!

Don't be sad... Just think about how awesome I am, and that will make you happy!

Gimme a call sometime.

Crazy Me said...

Love the new pic. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Michaela said...

Wow I have insights? We all Have times where we Just Need to Vent and whine Never feel bad for venting your Frustations.. I do it on a Simi Regular Basis!

Clairissa said...

Oh dear! Cheer up, Charlie... it can be a rough time of year (busy!!). I've been feeling crappy off and on lately because of what I shared with you the other week when you were over. ??????????

Your NEON died? Like beyond repair? Yikes!! If you need to go anywhere during the day or need anything, call me. My middle name can be "Taxi." :)

I too have been busy and not blogging much. I kinda feel bad, but oh well... our "real lives" are more important, I think. If something has to go to the wayside, I guess it's better that it be blogging ... than feeding our family or doing laundry, for instance. :) :) :) I think both Rob and Andrew would agree. he he