Monday, December 12, 2005

run run run as fast as you can--- but you cant catch me! i'm the gingerbread (wo)man

i feel like i've been running and running the past few days. everything has been so hectic.


so, i havent been blogging much b/c andrew and i are trying to install DSL onto our computer. YEAH, NO MORE DIAL-UP! the problem is... we cant figure out how to do it. so, internet connection availability has been slim.

but i had to get on now to email my neighbor--

their door was left open by accident, and their dog was outside. so i brought him into my house and emailed them about it-- maybe she'll get it at work (??) depending where she works.

did i do the right thing? not sure. but he looked so cold and hungry. not that i know what to give dogs. he has water at least. he's really pleasant at least-- well, erica's asleep now. i dont know how they'll like eachother.

sorry that "make-up" monday isnt gonna happen. I'll try-- but with dog and erica, i'm gonna have my hands full.


Agnes Mitchell said...

Awww...Busy Becky! You absolutely did the right thing with the dog. And dog will eat pretty much any meat. Tuna fish is safe. Nothing raw though. No sweets or chocolate.

I'd hand you all my money if you "saved" my pet. I'd cook you dinner and thank you until you were sick of being thanked. Oh it is a sad thing to lose a beloved pet - and joyous to get it back.

Good luck with the DSL. You'll get it worked out soon. Then you'll be spoiled forever.

Hugs to you and that beautiful baby.
Check in when you can. Put your feet up first though.

Crazy Me said...

What a nice neighbor you are!!

Tickneen said...

Hey now! I think that was very nice of you to save the dog! Your sweet little one will have something new to watch today! Busy Becky, that is a cute nickname! This time of year is full of anticipation, and then its over... This is a special Christmas for my family. Take good care!

Clairissa said...

OH yeah... how did all that turn out?! I'm kinda glad we didn't bring him in the house while Reagan and I were over because Reagan would have ended up riding the dog around and knocking all of your stuff over. ha ha ha He LOVES doggies!! How did Erica like the dog and did your neighbors get it back (what a dumb question... like you KEPT the dog)? Anyway, e-mail me or something.