Thursday, December 08, 2005

erica is like a greased pig

you know you live in HICKville when... people grease pigs then let them loose and everyone chases them to see who can catch them. yeah... a bit odd.

erica has very dry skin; so i've been loading her full of lotion. haha- its hard to get ahold of her when she's that slippery.


you know how sometimes you have SO MUCH time on your hands you dont know what to do with yourself??? Or, other times you're so busy you dont even have time to stop and breath???

I'm busy. So sorry that i'm a bit absent this week. ughhh.

i have two HUGE tasks i must accomplish: 1) get my pictures developed. I love digital cameras... but i need to pick what i want, save it to CD, then take it somewhere to develope it. 2) write an email update for friends/family. Yeah, havent done that for a LONG time. many of them dont read this wonderful blog, so they have NO CLUE what is going on right now. the last i emailed, erica was just learning how to crawl. HA, that was a long time ago!


Crazy Me said...

I tried to catch a greased pig at a local fair when I was a little girl. Boy, they are slippery!!

JordanS said...

I'm going up north for a meeting thing (In an airport right now) then I get back at 8 am saturday and I have a 10 am study group for my philosophy class. Monday's a biology final, tuesday I have an art project and final paper due, thursday is philosophy paper, questions (about 20 pages worth), and final.

I'm in that "busy" one currently :-)

hehehe cute about the pig things, I've always wanted to try and catch one, except I think that might be mean. I know that i wouldn't like to be rubbed all over with grease then have people trying to cat---... actually that sounds very fun, scratch that :D GREECE ME!

Abigail S. said...

You really need to send out one of those mass-email things... I have NO CLUE what's going on in your life w/out it! :-/

Beth Danae said...

You are so funny! I like reading your mommyhood stories.