Monday, December 19, 2005

make-up monday

So, its monday. which means another INTENSELY BUSY weekend has gone by. i will briefly summarize my weekend, but then take time to visit other blogs.

First off, do you like this picture of erica? OMG! i love it. her pants are so WILD! isnt it funny how kids can wear things that adults NEVER would?

Friday, andrew and i cleaned and did lots of stuff... because Saturday morning his family came over for brunch. It was a wonderful time. We exchanged some presents. The babies (erica and her cousin who is the same age) had lots of fun playing... though werent too interested in unwrapping gifts; erica enjoyed EATING the wrapping paper. They got some really cute stuff though. THANKS EVERYONE!

Then, saturday night we went to a party at some friends' house. Now, i've mentioned that our car is dead. it was stuck in a parking lot; we got it down a few blocks to a car mechanic garage place. [they looked at it today; its almost fixed! yippee!] then, headed to the party. The only vehicle we have now is andrew's truck. the thing is small for the two of us AND erica's carseat. Plus, the fan doesnt work. So, no heat. And no defroster. Its frigid right now in PA. especially at night. So, we dont want to drive far with erica in it. But, this wasnt far.

It was a very fun party. We left around 8 cuz erica was tired; yeah, she slept five minutes in the car, and then at home wouldnt go to sleep; she was up another two hours.

Sunday morning was my choir presentation thing. it was great. i had fun. i'm gonna be sad now that its done. I'll have to find another hobby now. .. My parents came up for it; then, they babysat Erica and we used their car to go to another friend's house w/ abby. It was a blast. I havent laughed that much in a LONG time.

laughter is wonderful.

Now, i have to get my booty moving. i'll quick visit blogs, then i have work to do. Need to address christmas cards.


janelle said...

hi, i'm here...happy?? hahahahahaha...glad you had fun sunday...our house...just call it party central..

'liya said...

Very cute pic :D

Becky L said...

OMG! janelle, you FINALLY checked out my blog!!!!!!


Tickneen said...

Hey now! Busy weekend for sure! Cute pic! I miss the baby stages, funny how you mentioned she woke up when you got home. I was always nervous after coming home from relatives exhausted only to have a baby wide awake and rested after sleeping in the car. My wife did the tranfers into the crib, I was always to nervous. She could always put them back to sleep.

Singing in the chior? Cool dude!! Music is the voice of our soul.

Clairissa said...

I bet you'll be soooo glad when you've got your Neon back!! :)