Tuesday, December 20, 2005


happy birthday! yippeeee!!!

my blog turns triple digits today: 100 posts!

So, i have been wondering what to do for this special occassion. And i think i've decided to reminisce over why i first started this blog.

My hubby and I moved into our home in April, on Erica's 1 month birthday. I found myself immensely busy-- yet with tons of free time-- All at the same time.

i love to write. I aspire to write the allusive "great american novel." But i had no current outlet for my writing. I wanted a way to be able to still be creative. I really missed being able to do that. Yeah... i could work on my "novel." but when Baby only sleeps for one hour at a time, that doesnt give much time to get things going.

I never knew what blogs were. One day, i heard on TV somewhere that Rosie ODonnel had a blog online. And i thought: "what the heck is that?" So, i'm thinking and thinking over this. Then, one day decide that maybe i'll do one too. I googled "blog." The first thing that came up was Blogger. So, i created my account.

I never really thought anyone would read this. Well, just my family. I didnt really care if no one read it-- i just saw it as a hobby, something i could do to keep writing and be creative.

Then, slowly people started coming. You have all made this so much more fun than i ever imagined it would be. THANKS!!!


JordanS said...

Its beautiful how simple little things can turn into daily parts of our lives, where we can gain new friends, keep up with family members, and have a wonderful time always.
I love how blogs can be different things for different people, and how they can even be multiple things for a single individual. How they always listen and are there, and I love the comments my friends make.

Happy 100th post birthday Becky L, I hope you have many many more.
Don't forget to sometimes look back at your old posts and see how much you've changed and grown...
I like your blog a lot, while I'm not exactly a "mother" I believe I have kind of a fatherly soul. Keep up the good work and be safe


Tickneen said...

Hey now, congrats on number 100! I think you have a really nice way with words. Your words flow so smoothly. I look forward to your future posts on parenthood and all the other amazing things this life brings. I think Morb said some cool words, definately a cool group you have here!


Lindsey said...

How sweet. That is exactly why I began blogging too. Minus the baby. But everything else was the same..ok minus Rosie too. I read about them in a magazine and was curious.

Clairissa said...

I've always known what blogs were, but I thank you for getting me into it. It's been a lot of fun!! I love to write... and most of all it will be neat someday to look back and see how Reagan and Erica have grown up!! :)

Crazy Me said...

Congrats to you on the 100th post. That's awesome!

Raj said...


You keep writing, we'll keep reading.

Abigail S. said...

Congrats. Thanks for getting me into blogging! I love it!