Tuesday, November 15, 2005

PLEASE, dont wake me up!!!

erica slept in until 8:00 this morning. YIPPEE! but thats not what this is about...

Last night, the Eagles had a football game. And everyone was wondering: "whats gonna happen?" Because T.O. has been suspended (Terrel Owens, that is). He's a wide reciever -- i think -- and he's been making fun of the team, especially Donavan McNabb (who is the quarterback).

McNabb is having an awful season. He cant throw the ball. So, they've been losing alot. Well, last nights game started off with a BANG! they were doing great. The commentators were saying: "the eagles are on fire! they are soaring tonight!" Yippee. It sure looked like they were gonna win.

Now, you need to understand, we dont have cable TV. or satelite. or anything. We just have an antenae. SO, we only get three TV stations. The game was not on one of our stations, so andrew listened to the game on the Radio. and the game started at 9 pm, so it was gonna go until midnight or later.

So, i was not gonna stay up for the game. I couldnt stand to. So, i went up to sleep. I said, "Andrew, dont you dare wake me up when you come up." Well, i was awakened at 12:30 (or something, i dont recall cuz i was groggy) with andrew saying: "You have to call Abby!" This weekend, she and he had a huge debate over McNabb's playing abilities.

Basicly, McNabb lost the game. They were winning at the near end of the game. Ahead by lots of points. Then, McNabb started playing HORRIBLY again. just awful. he lost them the game. TO THE COWBOYS! the cowboys are awful.

Looks like the Eagles wont be going to the Superbowl again this year.


Crazy Me said...

I've hated the Cowboys ever since they won all those Superbowls in a row and the local news knocked out my soaps for the stupid ticker tape parade coverage. I must admit that I am a huge Drew fan though so I kind of like that they won. Go Patriots!

Abigail S. said...

Even if the Eagles lose every game this season, I'd still be glad they booted T.O.
If any regulare person with a regular job tried to pull what he did, they'd a been fired LONG ago. I mean, he's been bashing all the other players (especially McNabb). He even told Reid (coach) that he was a horrible coach. And still they kept him on!
I say it's about time they kicked T.O. out and on his a**.

(Excuse me as I am very opinionated on this topic.)

Clairissa said...

I'm not much for the Cowboys either. We're Eagles fans, however, we didn't really watch much of the game the other night. Too distracted by our "short person," and it was a late game. We go to bed at 9 or 10! :)