Monday, November 14, 2005

Fall Fun

Ah, what a busy, crazy time we've had. So much has been going on. I've been absent from the blogging world this weekend, yet again. Ok, sure i posted Sunday morning, but that was a quick post. And i didnt get to read everyone else's blogs either. Well, I'll try to now [as long as Erica stays asleep].

Saturday was yard day. We've had SO MANY leaves in our backyard. So, we raked them up and bagged them. But of course, we had to take time to put erica in the leaf pile. It was cute. Until she started eating the leaves... then we quickly had to move her. She tried getting into EVERYTHING, so Andrew and I took turns working. He'd watch her and i'd bag leaves, then i'd watch her and he'd bag leaves. But it was great fun.

She was EXCEDINGLY dirty afterwards, so she had a bath and then took a nap. though i REALLY wanted to nap too, we decided to pack things up and head out the door (so, she had a short nap-- only 30 minutes-- but then she slept in the car). We went to visit Andrew's parents. it was a nice visit. erica enjoyed playing with "Nan and Pop." When we came home, we hoped she'd go right to sleep. Nope... she was awake for quite a long time. Ah well.


Agnes Mitchell said...

LMAO! Isn't she precious all covered in leaves. I had the nephew throwing handfuls in the air over the past weekend. This is his first year to kind of "understand" that it's fun. LOL
We had a blast. I'm glad you got to experience her experiencing leaves. :D

Clairissa said...

Eating leaves = extra fiber

Reagan has been into eating dirt. He's had his fair share! :) Won't hurt 'em.