Friday, September 23, 2005

Modern Day Medicine Man

Ok, two side notes before i begin:
1. the past spam comments i had gotten, i deleted. BUT, when i click on the links from my favorite past blogs, those comments are still there. What gives?
2. Remind me tomorrow to write about 'the man around town.'


So, i was at the doctor yesterday. THANK GOD FOR PHARMACOLOGISTS! (i think thats how you spell it.) they're the ones who discover new medicines. really, what did people do in the past? we're so lucky to have medicines to help our bodies recover.

(if you are anti-medicine, dont tell me. i dont want you to squash my optimism.)

okay, i dont really have anything else to say about that. ... so, maybe i'll write about the man around town now.

Oh, and by the way... mad props to Clairissa for babysitting Erica yesterday for me. THANKS!


Clairissa said...


You have squenched my lifelong desire to become famous. Mad props to YOU too, girly! ;-)

Abigail S. said...

I'm anti-medicine.

ok, not really. seeing as we take the same "stuff"