Thursday, September 01, 2005

like mother, like daughter

i was bemoaning (is that a word?) to andrew the other day that Erica is so "needy." and he said, "well who do you think she got that from?" ughh... its true! (... if my mommy is reading this... do i get that from you?)

she doesnt have bronchitis anymore. YEAH! but she can still be moody. i think her next set of teeth are working their way down. so she gets crabby. she just wants to be held. well, yesterday i had SO MUCH to do. like, wash her bottles. all of them were dirty, and i had to get them clean!!! so, i stuffedher in the Snuggli. (its a baby front carrier thing.) she liked it for awhile. THANK GOODNESS! (props abby for buying it for me)

SHES GETTING SO CUTE THOUGH!!!! (see, like mommy/like baby!) whenever she wakes up, she rolls over and starts playing with her feet OR trying to pet the animals on her crib bumper. she coos and razzes. and i come in and look down at her. when she sees me, she just SMILES!!! its adorable. it makes me glad to put her down for a nap, cuz i know she'll be all cute when she wakes up.

its been awhile since i posted any pictures, so here's a cute one.


Clairissa said...

Hmm interesting... in keeping with your thought, I suppose that Reagan got the following characteristics from his ol' Momma:

1. lots of teeth (6 total so far)
2. lots of hair
3. a shrieking laugh
4. enjoys climbing
5. eats bananas
6. goes to the bathroom at will

... hey wait a minute, this is sounding more like a MONKEY!!!


Abigail S. said...

Hey- is that the outfit we got at gap outlet last weekend?

Abigail S. said...

Becky- you haven't commented on my blog lately? I'm sad. There was a really fun one about automatic stuff in bathrooms.

Becky L said...

ABBY- life as a mommy can be busy, as well as adventurous.
anywho, i've been busy. so sorry.

Abigail S. said...

You're forgiven

Clairissa said...

I second that motion, Becky! Again I give you props just for taking the time to maintain a blog. And at the same time, I'll give myself props for taking the time to READ your blog. HA HA

Being a mom sure does change your life and take ALOT of your time. Until you have a child, you NEVER get it.