Thursday, June 11, 2009

Recital Videos

Here are some videos. They’ve been a pain to upload. Ugh.

Anyway, the first one is of the song “My Thumbs are Dancing.” It was the song that only Erica’s class performed. They did a fantastic job. I took this movie from backstage in the side wings. I used my old camera, b/c Andrew had the good one in the auditorium, so you’ll notice a clicking sound throughout the video. You’ll also hear Erica yell “Mama!” when she sees me. The moms and I all started laughing. So funny.

[I'm having difficulties. So I ended up having to split the video into 2 sections, then upload it to Photobucket. Hence, it will be slightly different to view than the first one.] The second and third videos are of “Nearly Missed the Rainbow.” That’s the song that Erica’s class did with the other young classes. It was chaos, yet somehow my Dad managed to stay focused on her for the majority of the time. Erica is wearing blue, has her blonde hair in a bun. She's towards the back, behind other girls. And you can pick her out if you look for the one who's biting her fingernails. Ugh.

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