Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beat the Heat

So, as I've made mention in years past, we get ants in our house. Some may come from the front of the house or the sides. But most come in from our sunroom. Its so frustrating each year. Ants are my enemies!!!

This year, I thought I'd found the perfect solution. (I dont remember what its named, though.) I sprayed all around the sunroom and in the windows / doorway too, from the inside AND outside. For extra measure I also set off a fogger in there. And I made a decree: NO FOOD IN THE SUNROOM!!!

This took care of the problem for the most part. Or so I thought.

I was just in the sunroom to close the blinds. (Love the neighbors, but dont want them seeing inside the house.) Well as I was doing so, I noticed some type of dirt on the ground. Lots of it. Upon looking closer, I saw that it wasnt dirt... It was a bunch of dead ants! They werent dead from poison though... It was the heat! That room gets above 100 degrees during the summer, and the floor especially gets hot. So the ants met an excruciatingly hot demise... Or something like that.

I dont feel bad for them at all though. Serves them right for tresspassing onto my territory.


abby, your sis said...

I don't know whether to think that's hillarious or disgusting!!!

We had a swarm of ants outside our door today. We leave cat food out for Mama Kitty and her babies. The ants attacked the food bowl. We sprayed them to death. And then moved the food bowl to behind the house, so if ants come, at least they're farther away.

silverneurotic said...

My parents house always had a ant problem. Because they have a huge pile of coal in the basement they can't even get an exterminator in to help. I detest finding bugs in the house...except crickets. I like them.