Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Email Blogging

I'm trying out "email blogging." If I can figure it out, that'll be SO COOL! This post is via email, so if you can read it, then I have succeeded. Yippee!

* * *

My test was successful! Awesome. See, one of the reasons for my lack of blogging is that I'm hardly ever at my laptop anymore. I can check email on my cell phone, so I'm not getting on the internet daily to check it anymore. But with email blogging, I can post from my phone! I know there's a way to text-blog, but it looked more difficult.

Now I'm on Blogger. I want to add pictures... cuz I'm SOOOO behind!

There are Easter pictures here. One is of Erica at an egg hunt. The other is her with cousins Joshua, Peter, and Luke. [Sorry to my side of the family... I forgot to take pictures at our gathering. Oops.]

There's also a picture of Erica with her new bike. I seriously thought my husband was crazy when he took her to buy it. I thought "There's no way she'll be able to use it! She's too young!" She never even had learned to pedal her tricycle. But wouldn't you know it... she took to it like a pro! Now she goes so fast that I need to run to keep up.

The last two pictures are from my family's gathering over this past weekend. My sister has decided to move to Georgia, so we had one last Hurrah. I'm gonna miss Abby a lot. But I love you, twin!


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Abby, your sis said...

I put pics on my facebook page. You can always save them to your comp and post them here if you want!