Sunday, February 15, 2009


Back in the day, my sister Abby and I ran another blog called "Just a quick question." We asked ridiculous questions to make people laugh. Here's one from back then...

Valentine's Day. That time of year when you are either:
a) intoxicated by the love of your life
b) wishing you had a different love of your life
c) desperately single and wanting a love of your life
d) livid by the whole idea of needing a love of your life

And of course, if you do have someone to share this special holiday with, what are you expecting from them? you know, even though you may not admit it, exactly what you want as a present. and if that significant other doesnt get it for you or gets something different, theyre in the doghouse.

so, what's your preference of v-day gifts?
1) it better be chocolate! i'm so sweet, and he/she should know it!
2) anything but chocolate... does he/she think i'm so fat that i just want food?
3) flowers. and they better be roses. beautiful roses, and lots of them. i'm worth the $$$
4) just a nice card. something from the heart. maybe a self-written poem...
5) dinner out. no distractions, just us enjoying champagne and a very elaborate meal.


Emily said...

You hit the nail on the head with that one. Don't you wish Men just knew the right thing to say/do/buy. I guess if they did they would be women. Ooops! I didn't really mean that.

abby your sis said...

I'm a #5 type of girl...

My valentine's day started blaa, but ended w/ my Crush telling me he liked me!!! So YAY!

... I'm catching up on your blogging!