Friday, September 19, 2008

Busy week

My week started out completely empty... and then filled up completely.

Well, Monday actually was free. So I did preschooling things with Erica. She now knows to identify numbers 0-3. She's getting better at shapes [some of the trickier ones], and she's learning food groups and fitness.

Tuesday was busy. But for the life of me I can't remember why... ... ... This is going to drive me nuts! Okay, I remember one thing now. She had library class. But there was more than that too. Had dance class that night as well. But I know we were gone almost all afternoon... I just can't remember why.

Wednesday my MIL came over to take us shopping for some fall/winter dresses for Erica. So we went to the outlet stores in Lancaster. Had a good time. We stopped at Carters, and there were NO dresses there, except for about 4 or 5 Christmas dresses. Not what I was looking for. But they had good deals on pajamas. Then we went to Children's Place. Awesome deals! I got her shoes for just $1.99, which is a great deal. Also got 3 different dresses, and one other dress then from Gymboree. That night then we had Church, where I teach the preschool / Kindergarten age group.

Thursday we went to visit one of Erica's friends, Dylan. He had his tonsils removed a week ago-- and he's only 3!!! Anyway, he's been kept away from people [even his brother!] and from activities, b/c if he screams his stitches would rip. And the boy can have a temper sometimes. So Erica picked out Play-Doh that we bought for him and we took it over as a "get well" gift. I thought it would be a nice and calm thing to do. Which it was. The two of them had a great time playing. No fighting... until we went outside to play. They started fighting over shovels, so I decided to call it quits. But we were there for a good hour, so it wasn't really cutting things short.

Today [Friday] our neighbor and her 3 month old are coming over for lunch. I feel for her sometimes b/c they don't have family nearby, and she's home alone most days. I remember how boring it can be, and at least I'd had family and church friends w/ kids the same age. So, they're coming for lunch. I should actually be cleaning my house right now. Eek. Then at 3:00 my Dad is coming to get Erica and take her for the night. He's gonna take her to visit my Grammy who lives in a Retirement home. Then he'll take her back to have dinner w/ my Mom, and Erica will spend the night at their house.

Tomorrow then, we have a big ultimate frisbee tournament. Andrew and some other guys from church are hosting it. We've had an amazing response. Last year we'd had 8 teams... This year we are filled to the max with 12 teams, and had to turn away 4 teams! [Just don't have enough fields to have them all.] So, this is why my parents have Erica. Once I'm done helping out there, I'll go pick her up... I'm also going to stop by the Children's Place in Reading to see if they have any more shoes on sale!

Well, I must go. As I said, should be cleaning.


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silverneurotic said...

Oh wow, I love your blog design! I can't imagine how you had time to do that with everything else going on. ;)