Thursday, February 07, 2008



Finally, I'm gonna tell y'all about my trip to baltimore, the last monday of January. Hopefully I'll get all the pictures uploaded; Blogger hasn't been agreeing with me lately about pictures.
We went with Andrew's sister Beth, her husband Robert, and their kids Joshua and Peter. We met up and Joshua rode in our car so that he and Erica could watch a movie as we drove. It was funny: Joshua was telling us stuff that I don't think his parents would have appreciated.
Anyway, we got down there sometime around 10:30 I could be totally wrong on that; it was so long ago I don't quite remember. The first thing you come across is a large water area with sting rays and little sharks. Erica wasn't too thrilled; she was actually being whiney. [In her defense, she had been sick few days prior.] She just wanted to go see turtles, and tried running away from us; she just wasn't interested in those sting rays. THANKFULLY, there was one big sea turtle swimming around in there and we were lucky enough to see him just as this 'fight' was going on.
Then you go up an escalator to an area of lots of fish. She liked some of them, but again wanted to just run ahead. Thankfully, there were some of the fish that we had hyped up before going: starfish, seahorse, clown fish, etc.
Then there was a 'rain forest' area. It's really quite neat. Lots of trees, birds, lizards, flowers, etc. While up there, we let them sit and rest, and got out some cookies and drinks for them. We probably shouldn't have b/c the animals could have got crumbs that were dropped, but we made sure that they didn't leave any cookies lying around.
We went back down then to the fish exhibits. Thankfully there were lots of turtles for Erica to see. We also saw all of the sharks. By saying "all" I mean, not many. I was very dissappointed; sharks are my favorite part of the aquarium. We took a break then for lunch. Golly, they charge so much money for food! But they know they can get away with it, b/c people don't have any other choice.
After lunch, we went to see the dolphins. That was by far their favorite part. We didn't go in for the actual dolphin show; it costs extra $$, plus we didn't think they'd sit that long. But as the show was going on, we watched through big windows that look into the pool. It was really neat.
Then we went to the frog area. Tons of frogs; Erica loved it. And she got very picture-happy. She stood in front of all the big frog posters to have her picture taken. I'm hoping to get one uploaded here. I'm not having much luck at the present momment.
There was a section where the kids could put their hands in a small pool of water and pick up shells and things of that nature. We did that for several minutes. They really liked it.
One of the newer things at the aquarium is an Australian section. We went up there; also very neat. Lots of fish, turtles, and crocidiles/aligators.
That then concluded our time in the aquarium. I really wanted to get a souvenior for Erica: a shirt or stuffed animal. But Andrew said no. I'm still kinda sad about that.

We walked outside for awhile then. Went into one shopping center and bought some ice cream as a snack. Erica and I shared strawberry; quite yummy. We walked around more then, chasing seagulls. Joshua took turns pushing Erica in a stroller. It was comical to watch.
That just about concluded our day. We left to drive home; Erica slept the whole way. She was really tuckered-out. All-in-all it was a great day. Towards the end Erica really was getting tired and cranky, but I still think she enjoyed it. She still talks about it a lot.

Well, my pictures still haven't loaded. Ughhh!


Abigail S said...

Can't wait to see pics! I hope they upload soon :)

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

LOL, last time I was at the aquarium group left me behind in the gift shop. Not nice!

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

I can't wait to see the pics..It sounds like a good day though.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Hmm, I didn't think there was anything worthwhile in Baltimore. I stand correct.


'liya said...

Now I got that song from Hairspray stuck in my head "Good morning Baltimore!" :D

Becky L said...

abby- the picts are being troublesome

silverneurotic- not nice at all!

Becky, mom- it was a good day

burg baby's mom- ;-)

'liya- I love hairspray!