Thursday, December 13, 2007

What do you want santa to bring you for Christmas?

A fumpawine

Actually, its Grandma that's gonna get her the fumpawine. Translation: trampoline. A little mini one. Its gonna be so great!

Yesterday, I took Erica to see my cousin Donna and her daughter, Isabella. I got a good picture of the two of them on a trampoline. Unfortunately, my camera batteries are dead and I have no others. Its gonna storm real bad-- starting to rain/ice already. I think I may run to the store now before it gets really bad.



Okay, I'm back. I was gone for quite awhile. Did many things. Stopped at the library to return and pick up movies; Just got "The Elf." I've seen it before, but its a nice movie for the Holidays. Erica got just random movies, b/c there weren't any kids' holiday movies available.

Stopped at Kmart. Got several things needed. Batteries included. [LOL] So I'm now able to add pictures. As mentioned, Erica was jumping on the trampoline with Isabella.

The other picture is Erica's new magnets. Its a "dress up the snowman" thing. You can choose from all types of outfits and accessories. She really likes it. In my picture, she has the snowman dressed like Santy-Claus.

[I just spell-checked. For some reason, it highlighted "fumpawine." I wonder why???]


Crazy Working Mom said...

I want a fumpawine too!!!

Tisha @ CrAzY Working Mom

Becky L said...

I'm so bored... I think I'm gonna play around with my blog's template design. Hmmm...