Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Sharing a Christmas present can produce joy, but many presents are not so joyous... Here are their top ten complaints:

10) Not the pre-shake "guess what I am" ritual again!

9) Assembly required just means I'm going to get screwed

8) Wrapping paper makes me claustrophobic

7) Hum. I get a choking hazard sticker, but the Dunavan McNabb action figure doesnt? [FYI, he's a football player for Philadelphia Eagles. At the superbowl 2 yrs ago, he really did a crappy job]

6) How would you feel if you think you're being opened on Christmas morning but find yourself at a white elephant party?

5) How is it that I'm made in China, picked out by the wife, paid for by the husband, but I'm "from Santa?"

4) Too much tape gives me a bad wrap

3) Batteries not included means I'll never reach my full potential

2) I'm from the dollar store-- what do you expect?

1) Nothing says I'm the perfect gift like adding a gift receipt to my box.

[Each year we make up our own Christmas cards. This was what we did this year.]


Agnes Mitchell said...

Geeze Becky! I wandered off for a year and you went and traded that baby in for a grown kid!! OMG! I think I missed the whole of toddlerdom. LOL
She's a beautiful girl. I love the pic on your sidebar. You look fantastic!
Merry Christmas! I know it will be filled with love and laughter. I hope you get everything you're hoping for.
Much love to you and yours,

Becky L said...

agnes- good to see you back again!!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Just for the record, I got the Donovan McNabb joke. I think perhaps we should pass that choking hazard sticker on to a few Steelers right about now. Anthony Smith, come on up!

Corinne said...

That's hilarious. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!