Monday, August 06, 2007

a productive day

Yesterday was very productive. I got a lot done.

I'm helping out at a kids' day-camp next week, as I did last year. I have a lot to do in preparation. See, I like to make it an EXCITING time for the kids, not just a so-so experience. This means that I have lots to do: buy and/or make decorations; get cool prizes; put together fun activities...

Well, yesterday afternoon I went out to Barnes & Noble for a quiet place to work on lessons. [Well, relatively quiet; there's always the noise of espresso machines and people talking, but that's much better than a clingy toddler trying to crawl on my lap.] Previously, I worked thru the first 2 days, and yesterday I was able to finish 3 and 4; only one day left!

A brief break in my story:
When I almost done at B&N, a couple sat down at the table next to me. I couldn't stop myself from ease-dropping. From what I could gather, they had met on some sort of internet dating website. This was the first time that they had met face-to-face. Well, the guy was a total IDIOT! He obviously missed any lessons on what-not-to-do on a first date.
Their conversation started w/ him asking where she lived. She said "on the other side of the reading outlets." [Which, i know, means nothing to you-- my readers.] Then he said that he knows someone who lives over that way. He goes on and on about this girl he dated in high school. She broke his heart by cheating on him. Well, just a few months ago, he got a phone call from her; she moved back to the area b/c she was getting a divorce from her husband. So they've been talking and becoming friends again.
What's that about?!?!?!

Back to me...

I came home and spent time with the family. Andrew was so tired, poor guy; he went to bed at 7:30. Erica was in the middle of watching a Sesame Street movie, so I let her finish it. Then I put her to bed... at 8:00!!! Yippee, tons of time for ME, ME, ME!

I stayed up, working on more of my camp-things. It was a very productive night.


'liya said...

Aww haha, doesn't seem like he'll get a phone call back if all he did was talk about another girl!

Becky L said...

I'm glad you liked that little story. It made me laugh too