Thursday, July 05, 2007

Having a Fit

I don't know what it was... but I just couldn't sleep well last night. I slept really fitfully. I woke up probably every hour. I think it was b/c it was SO HUMID. I just felt icky.

Our 4th of July was [to be honest] a bit boring. It was cold and rainy-- completely different from our previous picnic on Memorial Day.* There were no games of baseball or volleyball. Granted, I wouldn't have played. [Well, volleyball yes; baseball no.] But its always fun to just watch. But let me make clear: it wasn't the family's fault; it was the weather's fault.

I feel REALLY sick to my stomach. I'm pretty sure its b/c I just started taking Alegra for allergies. One of the possible side effects is nausea. But I don't want to quit taking it, b/c it cost $30. Arg...


I made out my list last night of things to pack. WOW! I have to go grocery shopping on top of that. And cooking. I'm not sure how I'll get it done w/ Erica. But, it'll happen.

I'll try to post again and visit other's blogs before leaving for vacation. But I make no promises. Sorry!

*2nd and 3rd pictures


Toni said...

I had a night like that this week~ so not like me! Hope you able to catch up tonight!

crazy working mom said...

Uh oh...hope you're feeling better before you leave.

Could you be preggo?

Becky L said...

toni- Yeah, I still have lots to do. Oh well.

crazy working mom- I really doubt it. I'm just about positive that its from the medicine.

Becky L said...

eek! we're leaving today!