Friday, June 01, 2007


So, I suppose you could say that I've been a bit "self-absorbed" lately. Okay, not a bit-- a lot!

With my various 'problems' [ex: my knee pain, mentioned in previous posts], I was acting like life was miserable and thus, just focusing on myself. Not on anyone else. A sideproduct of that: I stopped blogging. I didnt want to take the time to update people or to read other bloggers' updates... plus, sitting at the computer isnt too friendly on my joints either.

ANYWAY-- I'm back now. Hopefully. I have the baby monitor on now, and I can hear Erica waking up. Which means that my post may not be as long as I'd hoped. Ugh.

There really is SO much to say, but it appears that it will have to wait for awhile.



Dayngr said...

Congrats! Write what you love and when the mood strikes and you'll be hitting the next milestone in no time.

I know time isn't always available with a baby - believe me, I have two - but carve out a little time for yourself either on the weekends or at naptime or before bed. Enjoy!

Ahmed said...

Wow 300! Congrats! I think i'm closing in on 200 soon myself (not counting my old blog since its gone now).

Abigail S said...

Awesome about the 300 posts thing!

'liya said...

Congratulations on the 300 and it's nice to have you back :)

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Good to see you around again though. Happy 300th post!

Hope to see you making the rounds soon.

Becky L said...

Yeah, I was gone for quite the long time.

It makes me happy that everyone missed me. Awe, how sweet.


I couldnt believe it when I realized I was at 300. I had just read "dayngr"s blog and she mentioned she was at 400. So I thought to check mine, and wouldnt you know it, I was at 300!

Raj said...

Congrats!! 300!! Great!!

I'm still at 175 :(

Anyways, good to have you back!! :)