Wednesday, April 25, 2007


-I cant believe it! Today is wednesday! I only have three days to finish my work, and I've hardly started!!! Eek! Why am I on the computer?

-Erica and I were at the grocery store. As I was getting the bags out of the cart, she started to run into the parking lot... RIGHT AS A BIG TRUCK WAS DRIVING PAST! I did what any good mother would do: scream, drop the bags, grab her, and scream some more. Okay, I didnt yell at her. There were people around. I squeezed her arm very very hard and spoke quietly [but very very firmly and seriously] about the danger. Don't judge me for squeezing her arm.

-Our neighbor just got home from Iraq. I really felt for his wife while he was gone. They had just moved to the neighborhood a few months before he got deployed, so she didnt really know anyone. We tried being friendly to her, and always shoveled her snow during the wintertime. So now that he's back, i feel like getting a welcome-home gift, but not sure what to get. hmmm... Oh, and I just talked to him a few minutes ago. I almost asked, "So how was it?" but decided that might not be a good idea.

-I went shopping yesterday. YEAH! [another reason why my work isnt done yet.] I bought flip-flops, b/c my other pairs broke last summer. Erica helped me pick two pairs, one black and the other brown. I love them. I picked up some other things too; there were some good sales going on.

-When Erica gets up from her nap, I'm gonna take her outside in her swimsuit and play with the hose. I need to water the flowers and grass seed, and she'll like the sprinkling.

-Gotta go get some work done!


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I would have done the same thing; kids are good at giving heart attacks!

And I just got home from shopping as well, though I only bought a new pair of PJ's.

Toni said...

I have a rule with my kids when we are in a parking lot. One hand MUST be on the car- Luke thinks it's a game so he does it. David, obviously has outgrown this, but he did it when he was little to.

Abigail S said...

Have fun w/ the hose!

Becky L said...

silver- hope you dont mind me shortening your name; i'm feeling lazy. anyway... Yeah for shopping! i didnt really buy much. The flip flops and a belt and jeans skirt.

toni- i normally have a rule with her to keep a hand on the shopping cart, but since i was putting it away, she had her hand off of it. Urgg... I'll have to come up with something else

abby- didnt do the hose. it got way too cold, and it even rained.

Becky L said...


and i'm almost done with my big project!!!

Abigail S said...

Glad your almost done w/ that project thing. :-)

I'm sad... My school comp. has all these restrictions of sites you can't visit. If a blog I normally visit has a post that contains certain words, I can't visit it until the particular post goes into archive. The blog doing our review this week is giving me that trouble. Ahhhh! So I can't see our review until tonight (that is, if they do it today.)

Abigail S said...

Oh, and I'm excited to see your new clothes!