Saturday, March 24, 2007

Scantily-Clad Men

Andrew and I had such a wonderful time to ourselves. DATE NIGHT! Would you like to know what we did?

We stained wood. Not your normal "date night" activity. But it was good, b/c it gave us a chance to talk. To really talk... not just snip-its here and there between Erica's comotion. We played 'games' while working: 20 questions, the alphabet game, etc. Those are things we used to do before Erica was born.

Once we finished that, we got ready to go see a movie. That, also, never happens. Never. Andrew really wanted to see 300, so thats what we went for. I really like it. I remember learning about the Spartans in school, and i was so fascinated-- yet disgusted. When a boy reached a certain age, he was taken from his family and began severe training. They all grew up being programmed to kill.
Anyway, a few "uhhhh" momments. First, i must say, there were too many muscles, and the guys were only dressed in a loinclothe. Well, they also had red capes, which was cool. Still, a bit awkward. Second, there were a few unnecessary "indecencies" on the women's behalf. The fighting was great though... I guess my husband has rubbed off on me a bit, b/c I do like fighting/war movies. In the picture I've included in my post, the Spartans back the enemy up to a cliff and then push them off. Very clever.
Okay, so this movie was rated R, for many reasons. And do you know what we discovered? There were dozens of middle school/high school students there. DEFINITELY not 18. My one guess is that their teachers encouraged them to come, b/c it would be "educational." But apparently the teachers did not research enough to realize what would be in it.
In conclusion, we had a good "us" weekend. Well, my father brought Erica back to us this afternoon, but it was still plenty of time.


Toni said...

loinclothe you say? Might have to go check it out now!

Glad y'all had a good date-night!

Abigail S said...

Yay! I'm glad yall had such a great day!

'liya said...

One of my students asked me if we could read the book! I said definitely not and that if he's that interested he should go see the movie... hehe so you can blame me as one of those teachers!

V desperately wants to see it but I keep refusing. I read a lot about it as distorting the portrayal of the Persians as evil in comparison to the Greeks and that that's a huge political overtone.. was that a big thing? If it wasn't I'll take your word for it and go see it with him :)

Becky L said...

toni-- yes, loinclothe.

abby-- yes, i had a great time while you and the parents watched my darling little girl.

'Liya-- yeah, it is definitely biased against the persians. They are seen as evil, especially King Xerxes. Though its not saying that the Spartans are perfect; just seeing their way of life makes you say "yuck!"

Dana said...

Hi Becky. First time to visit you blog (Thanks Toni!).

My husband and I have our favorite "date nights" while working on our house. We have been remodeling since the day that we moved in several years ago. We are almost done now and we were wondering what we were going to start doing in our spare time together!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Souds fun. I've not seen it, but I have heard good reviews! :)