Saturday, February 03, 2007

crazy things...

Okay, three crazy things...

1) i lost SIXTEEN pounds! i cant believe it. it seems so crazy. it doesnt seem real. but, i'm telling you, its enough to give me more insentive to keep going.

2) last night, erica was in her room [and i wasnt with her... *gasp*]. I heard a crash followed by loud screaming. i dropped what i was doing and ran to her... do you know what i found?

the dresser had tipped over and fallen on her. I'll tell you though, that girl has muscles, b/c it didnt knock her to the ground. she was still standing. but she obviously couldnt move, so she was stuck there. the really really really bad part about it was that we had a big humidifier on top of the dresser. when the dresser tipped, the humidifier slid forward-- and hit her in the face! right on her forehead and nose. she couldnt move her head to get it off.

i pushed it all back as quick as possible. i knelt down and pulled her into my arms, and she sobbed all over my shirt. there was water all over the floor, but i didnt care-- she was first priority. she cried for probably ten minutes. once she calmed down, i got a towel to dry everything off-- her clothes in the dresser were soaking wet. luckily her books werent ruined.

i think what had happened was that she pulled out the drawer w/ the books, and was pulling too hard on the drawer, making it tip.

poor thing. she's okay though. the only mark left on her is a little red spot on her nose.

3) well, this isnt really crazy. though, considering its already february... It snowed last night. Maybe an inch. its the most we've had so far. Its mostly all melted now. So, first thing in the morning when erica and I got up, i bundled her up: two shirts, two pants, two socks, snow pants, gloves, snow boots, big coat, hat, and hood. When i was halfway thru dressing her, she said "peepee." well, i didnt feel like undressing her to change a diaper and then start all over again. so i told her it would just have to wait.

so, we went out. she wasnt quite sure what to make of it. i showed her that its cold to eat. then we went to the back patio, and i made a snow angel. then she made one. after that, she really got into it. i took pictures... i'll show them later when i have time.


'liya said...

Omg the dresser falling sounds so scary! I was scared just from reading about it .. thank God she's okay!

Mom said...

Good Job! I'm proud of you! Keep up the good work!

Becky L said...

'liya-- yeah, it was scary. i'm so glad she was okay. i think if she'd fallen totally to the ground, she would have been hurt much worse. ... My biggest fear is for the day she decides to climb out of her crib-- and fall on the ground below.

Mom- thanks!

And on an additional note-- dont you all love my Zwinky? She's a cupid! yeah for v-day!!

Abigail S said...

I have strep throat :-(

Becky L said...

abby-- that stinks