Sunday, January 22, 2006

My cute new fishes

[ok, i know that the plural of fish IS fish, not fishes. but its more fun to say fishes.]

On thursday, i was out and around. so, i decided to stop at the pet store. See-- our first Christmas married, andrew gave me a fish tank. i love fish. ... but, after we moved, i stopped taking care of it. So, only one fishy was left, and the tank was covered in algae and just gross.

So, i bought tank cleaning supplies and NEW FISH! including a snail and a little froggy that is the size of my thumbnail. i love snails. i can sit and watch them move for hours. (well, maybe not hours.) and the little frogs are so cute. i absolutely am in love...

Well, i cleaned the tank, put new water in. let it get to the right Temperature. Added the drops that make it "fish-friendly." Put the fishes in.

Two died. The rest looked lethargic. i was so sad. [i easily get attached to my fish... its a bit odd.] And the one that died was our original guy.

BUT, now they are looking better. pretty happy. and that makes me happy!


in the picture, erica is "walking." actually, she's getting much much better. SHe walked all the way across the room today. Its so cute, because when she walks, she starts clapping because she's just so pleased with herself!!

next time i blog, i'll talk about amishy stuff.

good night!


Abigail S. said...

Is "amishy" a word?

So sad about the fish. I cried for you.

JordanS said...

Fish die... Too much ;__; its like Finding Nemo all over again!!!!!!!!!!!

My brothers used to kill our fish when they were little. They wanted to 'play' with them.


so depressing

'liya said...

Do they have names? Or are they all just "fishy" :P

Becky L said...

i named one of them: "pimple." because he has a red bump on his face.

as for the rest-- no names yet

Abigail S. said...

First- ewww gross about the name pimple.

Second- I have a coupon for NY & Co that expires on next Monday. Can I come over this upcoming weekend? Shopping! Lemme know.

Clairissa said...

Have you missed me? I've been soooo busy (and then deathly ill), Becky! I'm sorry I've neglected your blog.

Anyway, I love fish too, but I can't stand that they always die. I want guppies! The little snails and frogs sound cute too. But I just don't need another thing to care for... how sad, cuz I would love them. Can I come visit yours? :)

Maybe your old fish liked his tank skummy so when you cleaned it, he got depressed and died of a broken heart?