Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A computer addict in the family-- and other cute pictures

I went a little "camera happy" this week. So, i'm gonna share a few pictures.

We normally dont let erica in the basement, for one good reason-- she likes getting into stuff that she shouldnt! She's fascinated with the computers. So, i turned off the computer, put the keyboard and mouse on the floor, and she had a fun time!

Erica is walking basicly all the time now. she still crawls occassionally... but she loves to walk. And its so cute, b/c sometimes when she's walking, she'll start to clap because she's so proud of herself!! I must say, its very hard to get pictures taken of her, especially when she's walking. She is fascinated with the camera and tries to grab it from me. So, i had to back up really far away in order to get that one...

... But she did catch up then. She started attacking me-- ok, not really. But she was climbing all over me, trying to get at the camera. i tried keeping her away so that i could get another cute picture. Isnt this one cute? She likes to stick out her bottom lip and blow air out (ppffffff) and its just so cute.

Well, thats it for now. i dont want to overload you with pictures.

happy day to you all!


Raj said...

It won't take too long for Erica to get a blog for herself!!


Debbie said...

She's sooo cute; I can't believe she's so big already!

Let me know you want information on a catalog show; the spring catalogs come out this week, so we can probably do it soon, if you wish.

Also, I need your address! I have stuff to send you! :-)

Crazy Me said...

She is a real cutie!

Agnes Mitchell said...

OH MY GAWSH! LOOK at those BIG BLUE EYES!!! Oh she's gonna be trouble for her Daddy - no doubt. LOL
She's adorable.
When does she turn two? Did I miss it? My nephew is next month. Woohoo...baby birthday party.
That'll be fun.

Oh boy - next comes potty training. Aren't you looking forward to that??

And fyi - y'all and youins isn't so awful. When people in Wisconsin make mistakes they say "oofta" which I think is just hysterical!!!

Akanksha said...

awww.. she looks sooo cute!!
does she talk ?

Abigail S. said...

Actually yall, Erica is only 10 months old. Her first birthday is coming up in the early part of March. And no, Akanksha, she isn't talking yet. It'll be a while before she's ready for that.
(Becky- I hope you don't mind me answering these questions!!!)

Becky L said...

tsk, tsk, abby.

she's going on 11 months-- in just a week.