Sunday, December 25, 2005

Oh Holy Crap

Our first Christmas as a family of Three.

We wont even be able to spend it together.

Andrew's got the flu. Crappy time to get it, isnt it? 'Tis the season-- every store was closed last night-- i couldnt get him medicine. Finally, i stopped at an open gas station and picked up some nyquil there.

I dont want him around Erica. He doesnt want to be around her either. Sucks, doesnt it? But i dont want to leave him-- Its Christmas for him too-- plus, he cant take care of himself. He assured me: "I'm a big boy- i can handle myself." But i know its not true.

So, i'm going with Erica to his family's house for lunch. (He wants leftover food!) Then after lunch my parents are taking her for the night and i'm returning to Andrew.


Hoping a happier holiday to all of you out there!

he did not get sick from me. Its something totally different.


Abigail S. said...

Sucks... Poor Andrew... and poor you.
Though I AM excited to have Erica over night!

Becky L said...

this is probably the worst day of my life.
its the crappiest christmas ever.
i had all kinds of images in my head about what our first Christmas as the 3 of us would be like. But this is nothing like it.
i'm so tired. i need MY rest. but i cant; i have two people depending on me for help.
they're both asleep now... but i have so much to do. We're "supposed" to have my family over tomorrow. I have to clean.
Oh good LORD, i just want to cry.

Becky L said...

who else in the blogger-galaxy is blogging today? Its Christmas; everyone's having fun with family and friends.

then theres me. i'm all alone. even when i was with andrew's family-- i was still alone.

this is supposed to be happy time. a joyous break from the rut of daily life. And i find myself even more put-out than normal days.

seriously, i need to just get away from the computer...

Raj said...

Thats sad.

But you can celebrate once he gets well. You can have a christmas celebration whenever you want.

JordanS said...

Merry Christmas.

not gone, hibernating.

Tickneen said...

Hey now! I am sorry for your situation! You are not alone. Kids change everything. My perception of how things should be changed once we had kids. You sound strong and sweet. You will make it through but you gotta take care of you too! Hope your hubby is better and you can go take that hot bath!!! Hope all is well!

Becky L said...

actually, raj... he's in Florida now. He had to leave on a business trip. He's gone Tuesday thru Friday. So much for celebrating Christmas after the fact...

Ah well. I did get a necklace as a gift. Its pretty.

-- More on that later.

Crazy Me said...

The in laws ... by yourself? That is very brave of you!!!!!