Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rude or Much?

So, i hardly watch TV anymore. Well, during the daytime. Which is good. I've given up on my soap opera. it was driving me nuts. everything was about Theresa, and i'm sick of her.

all i watch is the news. when erica wakes up in the morning, i watch The Today Show on NBC while giving her a bottle. Then, at 12 when she gets her lunch bottle, i watch the news. Occassionlly (but not often), i'll watch Opera at 4 while getting dinner ready... but only if it looks good.

SOOOO... this morning on Today, they were talking about a new study that came out, showing that people are more rude now than ever. like we didnt know that already???

Here's my hugest pet peeve... People who have AWFUL costumer service. really, if you hate your job, then quit it; dont take it out on the customers. i hate when people are so stinking rude when i'm shopping at their store. See, i worked retail, and one reason was that i wanted to be a "breath of fresh air" to shoppers who were so often exasperated by others.

One day, after helping a woman, she asked to talk to the manager. She then told the manager that i was such a huge help and that she really appreciated it. Ahh, that makes me happy.

WELL... here's my story, the one that takes the prize for rudeness...

I was shopping at GAP. they had new perfumes out. Now, i like perfumes; i had worked retail selling perfume and makeup. So, i was scoping these out. Smelling each one. So on and so forth. Well, they must have been completely new out. The employees hadnt gotten much exposure to them yet. Cuz, as i'm standing, an employee walked up. I thought that she may come to help me... Nope.

She TOOK the bottle that i was reaching for at that exact momment (honest to goodness! my hand was only an inch away from it) and then walked away with it. She joined her group of fellow workers and started showing it to them.

THROW ME A BONE! COME ON!!! that is just AWFUL work-ettiquette. If i had done that when i was working at my store, i probably would have been FIRED. you just dont do that. "Costumer comes first." At least, let the costumer smell the thing before stealing it away. If she had been taking it to show to another costumer, i wouldnt have been so peeved. BUT, it was her fellow workers.

I was so mad, i left the store. My sister told me to go back and complain to the manager. I said, "no, no." but i really wish now that i had.


Clairissa said...

Most always I will tell the manager about those types of instances because I flip it around and think if it were MY store, I would want to know. So yeah, I definitely would have complained.

"Throw me a frickin' bone here..." Seen Austin Powers? I LOVE that you said that in your blog. You're cool, Becky! hahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

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