Sunday, September 18, 2005


i miss my little sweet heart. sniff... snuffle...

as you may remember, i said in an earlier blog entry that i was glad to have some upcoming days of FREEDOM! yeah right. i miss my girly. so many times, i've thought, "oh, i need to do this for Erica," just to realize that she wasnt around. example: whenever i blog, i go to turn on the baby moniter-- just to realize that there's no baby!! so sad.

so, i'm gonna add a picture of erica here, b/c i just want to see her again!! (i'll get to see her in 1 -1/4 hours. not too bad.)

ANYWHO, what have i been up to?

my hubby and i went to a parade wednesday night. it was great fun. i spent lots of time talking w/ my friend Val. She's AWESOME! also got to talk to many others... it was good times. so, we figured erica would NOT be up to joining a big, long parade. so, Andrew's parents watched her that night. they took her home with them and then brought her back thursday night. so, thursday daytime i went to the mall. bought nothing for me, but bought andrew 4 shirts. do you know how much self-restraint it takes for me not to buy anything? ... well, actually, i did get coffee. but thats not expensive.

andrew and i went out to dinner thursday night. it was nice! then erica came home at 7:30. it was nice to have her home. she did sleep through the night, so that made me happy. well, she woke up in the morning and then took a nap. as soon as she woke up again, she had her bottle and green beans, and we JETTED out the door. i went to my parents house to drop her off there. when i got there, she SCREAMED AND SCREAMED! i think she had a tummy ache, cuz it was making noises. i gave her some gas drops and she did quiet a bit. but, i could tell she was getting tired, but she would not fall asleep in the crib. so, i layed her on the bed and rubbed her back till she fell asleep. then i transferred her to the crib. the only problem was that as she was falling asleep, so was i!!! not good. cuz then i had to drive 1 hour back home. so, i had to stop for coffee. then i was ok.

which reminds me... MY COFFEE IS GETTING COLD! excuse me as i take some sips.

i stopped at Target on the way home. which was nice. i'm in a wedding in October, and i have to do something with my hair. so i picked up some things to style my hair with.

then, home i went. then i had to pack up stuff. Andrew and I headed off for the weekend. we went with some other people to do a work project at a camp. We ended up working on the pool-- digging holes! around the pool, there's gonna be draining holes for the water to go down so the floor doesnt get sopping wet-- of course! well, i had tons of fun. digging is something that i can do. andrew ended up climbing up way high at putting on wood pieces on the wall. thankfully he didnt fall.

with us was Val (yeah!). we spent tons of time talking. we were the only two girls. there were five guys also. but, it was a great time.

we were gone friday and saturday. got home saturday night. my parents are bringing Erica back today! yeah!!!


Clairissa said...

Wow, sounds like you had a lot of fun! I'm glad for you!!

What camp or whatever did you work at? Any one I would know of?

Oh and that picture is sooo cute of Erica! I can't wait to see her again on Monday. We need to take pictures this timeof the kids together at Little Steps, don't you think?

Abigail S. said...

Well, Becky. It was fun seeing Erica this weekend. Any time you wanna ditch her, let me know! I love spending time w/ her!

Lindsey said...

Awwww. Poor Becky! Even though you missed Erica it's still good for you to have a can re-energize and be ready to kiss her to death when she comes home! Enjoy it.